How to Wear the Trendy Tunic



I have recently embarked upon a love affair with tunics.

I just purchased a couple and I have no idea how I ever lived without them!They are comfortable, cute, and cover a multitude of sins.They are also very versatile, and can be worn with jeans, capris, dress pants, leggings, or skirts.




3 Tips for Wearing The Tunic Trend:

Tunics can be worn for day or evening.Choose accessories to dress them up for evening such as a funky necklace, chic belt, or sassy heels.

The shape of your tunic on top determines what you should wear on the bottom. Most tunics are either straight or A-line/empire waist.With a straight tunic, wear a wide-leg pant or A-line skirt.With an A-line tunic, wear skinny jeans or pants, leggings, or a pencil skirt.

Tunics are a must-have fashion item in every season.As we head into fall and winter, take your tunics with you!It’s great to layer long-sleeved shirts under short-sleeve tunics, or wear a sweater tunic like this one for extra warmth.



Do you have any tips on how to wear tunics? Have you seen any must-haves while out shopping?

Jenny Rapson is a busy wannabe-fashionista and SAHM of a toddler and preschooler.  Read more about her adventures in motherhood at her blog, Mommin’ It Up!

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    I’ve just found your blog whilst writing an entry on about tunics, I’ve got to say I love them, I think they hid a multitude of sins, are easy to wear for work with some smart pants and as you say, you can layer them with sweaters or tops underneath now it’s getting chillier. Great blog, thanks. Sarah

  2. 14
    Avatar Felicity @ Not Just A Dr's Wife says

    I would love to see what ya’ll talking about however the photos aren’t available for show from Flickr anymore 🙁

  3. 15

    please help! i want to wear a tunic top, but 1) i am almost 57 2) i am only ALmost 5’3″ and 3)i hear my late m-i-l saying i am too short for any longer than waste top. i’m trim and youngish looking, but what should i do?? needing fashion tips!

  4. 16

    ask and ye shall receive…I posted a pic of my very NOT supermodel-self wearing a tunic on the Blissfully Domestic forums! check it out here!

  5. 17

    I stay away from tunics as well. It seems to me if you have any sort of shape you’re in for trouble. I have a butt (not a big one, but it’s there) and I swear these things just cling to them. And I have a chest (although no huge either), so the “maternity” thing is always an issue.

    I’d like to see a tunic on a real person, not a model. Then maybe I’d try it.

  6. 18

    Dang! That should be “waist” not “waste”.

  7. 19

    With my skinny waste and wide pelivc bones the tunic remains on the list of the items I have banned from my wardrobe. Every time I have tried to wear one people ask me how far along I am and Honey agrees that it looks like I’m shopping from the maternity department.

    I’ve tried the styles you suggested and still had the same problem. I have to stand up perfectly straight for the tunic to look form-fitting. With the slightest slump of my shoulders the front bubbles or billows out and it looks like I’m trying to cover a baby bump.

    Sorry, but this one just doesn’t work for me. Any other tips?

  8. 20

    girl you are everywhere! show me the way 🙂

  9. 21

    Also, if you want to avoid the “maternity” look but want the empire waist (for some of us, we need to accent the narrowest part of our bodies, according to Clinton & Stacy), try to find tunics that don’t have ties in the back, because even though those are regular shirts the ties scream maternity.

    The one exception I have found to this is the Ann Taylor Loft cotton tunics. They have ties in the back but are long and straight so there is no confusing them with a maternity top.

  10. 22

    If you are worried about the maternity clothes confusion, stay away from the empire waist tunics. Also look for a straighter style like the sweater tunic pictured above.

  11. 23

    The shirts you have shown are adorable… but I am with Trish. Tell us, Wannabe Fashionista, how to find tunics that don’t look like maternity clothes!

  12. 24

    I just bought my first tunic YESTERDAY! I’ve been avioding them because I just got out of maternity clothes, but these are perfect post-baby gear!

  13. 25

    I’m sure it’s my generation but these tops look like the maternity tops my mom wore. I can’t get around that enough to even try one on…