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For years I pretty much ignored accessories. I wore my wedding ring, and occasionally put in a pair of earrings. But lately I have come to appreciate what a little bit of jewelry can do (I blame “What Not to Wear”). I typically wear basics: dark jeans, a solid-colored fitted tee or polo, and a pair of flats. This has become somewhat of a uniform for me, and while the comfortable yet classic look works well with my “mommy lifestyle,” it can get a little mundane.

Purses, jewelry, belts, and headbands are great ways to modernize a basic outfit. After coming to this realization, I began amassing a collection of accessories. Storage began to be a problem, however. And I hate clutter. My tangled messes of necklaces (hey, I rhymed!) were causing me to forget about certain pieces; I had to find an attractive solution.

I decided to put my jewelry to work; why not make it serve double duty as art when its not being worn?

First, I found a cheap frame and took out the glass.

After measuring the opening of the frame, I (and by “I,” I mean my husband) cut a piece of 1/4″ smooth plywood.

After fastening the wood into the frame, I painted it white. With colorful jewelry, I thought that white would be a nice backdrop, but any color can look great. Another option would be to decoupage some decorative paper on it.

I planned on using small white hooks to hang the jewelry, so we pre-drilled, then screwed them in.

I spaced them evenly (because I am a type-A personality), but I’m sure a haphazard approach would look just as nice. Also, I had considered buying a variety of decorative knobs (colored glass would be so cute), but went with these because of the great price.

Organized, inexpensive, and pretty to look at? Sounds like a successful project to me!  The only problem is that I didn’t get a big enough frame! I know… it fits all of my jewelry perfectly. Which means no empty spaces, and my husband will assume my collection is complete!

Do you have any great ideas for jewelry organization? I would love to know!

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  1. 19
    Denise G. says:

    I purchased a white tray at Target and several different and beautiful drawer knobs. I drilled holes in the tray and inserted the knobs and hung all my necklaces and bracelets. It probably cost a lot more than yours, but I also spent almost no time on it (which is odd since I am an avid crafter). I was going to line the back with patterned paper from my scrapbook stash but decided the colors of the knobs and necklaces gave it enough of a showpiece look against the white similarly to yours.

  2. 20

    This is soo cute! I lvoe the way it turned out; it looks really nice, like something you’d see in a boutique, n’est pas?

    I think it might also work with just corkboard like a bulletin board almost…then no need to get someone else to cut out a piece of wood and no knobs or hooks needed:) Plus, that might work for earrings maybe…?

    thanks so much! I could definitely use another place to store jewelry, and it’s gorge too!

  3. 21

    This is AWESOME!!!!! I have sooo much jewerly that this would be perfect! I also, use my mirror that came attached to my dresser and put up sticky hooks. It looks great too!

  4. 22

    I just found your blog. I need to do this. I have my necklaces hanging on a belt hanger (one that looks like it has multiple branches). Kind of lame, so I think I’m going to get started on this project. Thanks!

  5. 23

    How cool is that!!! And attractive, too!

  6. 24

    My oldest daughter is 9 and she would love this idea – what a great project we can work on together!

  7. 25

    I took an embroidery hoop and put denim on it. When I redo it I’ll use a mesh or lightweight feminine fabric, but this has worked perfectly for years. I really need to find another piece of scrap for it. It’s been hung on a push pin which makes it quick to grab.

  8. 26

    I had the same problem you did with necklaces. I made a necklace holder from a table leg. I have a pic under “rainy day crafting”. It could be a future answer to storing new necklaces.

  9. 27
    Michele Stevenson says:

    Love the way this looks. I made a cool organizer for my daughters earrings (they are all small and got so mixed up, even in trays). I took an inexpensive open- backed frame (black since it matched her room) and glued in a piece of fabric like mesh, the type that is used in screen doors. It has very small square openings. Poked each earring through a square and attached the back. I hung a ribbon from the top of the frame and hung it on a decorative hook on her wall. Cute and practical 🙂

  10. 28

    What a neat project! Thanks for posting your photos. They certainly inspired me to organize my accessory collection!

  11. 29

    I just bought these mini screen doors for $8! I’m going to hot glue a dowel on the back and use them as earring stands at a craft show.

  12. 30

    Your jewelry organizer is really nice. I have a similar one that I bought at a craft show. It’s framed and has beautiful wallpaper for the backing and pretty cabinet knobs for the hangers. It wasn’t my idea. I just bought it but it’s really beautiful.

  13. 31

    This is how I organize my jewelry:

    The picture isn’t great, but you get the idea. I like this because I can easily rearrange it to suit the size of my jewelry (and the number of pieces I have. Also, hook earrings can just hang on the fencing, so it easily stores those, too.

  14. 32

    I did something similar. Only I used about 20 decorative hooks above my dresser in the wall. It came out wonderfully and looks like a peice of art. I posted a pic on my blog a few months ago. Scoll to the bottom to see it.

  15. 33

    I love this, it looks really nice. I used a cooling rack to organize my necklaces and earrings. I have a picture posted on my blog.

  16. 34

    This is a great idea. I have been working on reorganizing my closet and this would be a great simple addition to display my necklaces and bracelets. Thanks for Sharing!

  17. 35
    Malibu Stacey says:

    I use ice-cube trays. I have over 100 pairs of earrings (because I have 11 ear piercings and I make my own earrings as well), and could never keep them organised. Until, in desperation, I searched the Tupperware cupboard.

    It’s not attractive enough to be displayed (unless you buy jazzy coloured trays, I guess, but I just used all my plain white ones that were never used to freeze ice-cubes anyway). But it’s so nice to open my drawer and have all my earrings displayed, sorted into vague categories by tray (studs and hoops in this one, dangly ones in that one, coloured/beaded ones in the next, etc), and they are so easy to find, and to put away when I take them off. It works for bracelets and chains and other flexible stuff too.

    I still have a pretty glass bowl in the lounge room where I dump the jewellery of the day when I take it off after work, but every few days I empty it out and put it all away in the trays and can find it again.

    It’s not pretty. But it’s simple, and it works. I haven’t lost an earring (or been unable to find something I want to wear) since I started.

  18. 36

    I just recently found your blog & enjoy it so much. Earrings seemed to get lost here a lot. We had three teenaged daughters & let me tell you, the drama could be amazing over a lost earring. I discovered that if you would match the earring, stick the post through a button, they stay matched in your jewelry box. I bought a bag of bright colored buttons & put them to work one afternoon. We color coded the buttons so each girl had her own color. So there was no issues of who it belonged to. If the button was your color, they were yours. If there was an issue of an alleged swap, the earrings became Mom’s.

  19. 37

    Awesome Tutorial Kristin!!