Lifetime Movie Network’s Pick-A-Flick Friday

lifetime movie networkDo you want to watch a movie Friday night? Any ideas? What if you had a hand in picking te movie on your favorite network?

Lifetime Movie Network, the number two-rated women’s channel after its sister network Lifetime Television, will let its audience decide which film the Network will air on Fridays at 8:00 and 10:00 PM ET through its Lifetime Movie Network’s Pick-A-Flick Fridays. Viewers will be able to vote online for their favorite films at and choose which movie they would prefer to watch that following Friday at 8:00 and 10:00 PM ET (beginning October 9). Viewers can vote as many times as they wish during the week, selecting their top choice from five film titles as part of Lifetime Movie Network’s Pick-A-Flick Fridays.

The five choices for the first Lifetime Movie Network’s Pick-A-Flick Fridays include Maid of Honor, which centers on a woman’s jealousy over the engagement of her secret love; The Last Trimester, deals with the murder of a newborn; Cries in the Dark, about a female cop whose sister is murdered; A Teacher’s Crime, a suspense thriller involving a teacher who befriends one of her students and is ultimately blackmailed by his ex-con father; and Double Cross, a murder mystery about wives in unhappy marriages.

In the following weeks, Lifetime Movie Network Pick-A-Flick Fridays choices will be specially-themed. The Network will feature romantic love stories on October 16, bad relationships on October 23 and Halloween themed movies on October 30.

What do you think?



  1. 63

    I would like to see the movie with katey sagal a violation of trust I think it’s called or its Called she says she’s innocent it was a really good movie

  2. 64

    The channel is no longer a movie channel. I rarely watch the channel since you changed. You may want to change the name of the channel.

  3. 65

    Please go back to showing movies all the time like you used to. And please show A Woman Scorned.

  4. 66

    life time movies are the greatest , I love the true stories , I am looking foe one movie that I watched years ago and it hasn’t been played any more its a movie call a basturd out of Carolina , its about a little sexully abused buy her mothers boyfriend and how she was born out of wedlock and her mother giving her a name , how I wish you would play that movie again ,

  5. 67

    this is my favorite channel for movies

    this my favorite channel….but what happened to movies all the time. The weekends are the time we like watch the movies not shows like (I killed my BFF)
    Can we get back to the original?

  6. 68

    “Shattered Dreams” with Lindsay Wagner and actor Noure. It’s a true lifetime movie. I haven’t seen it in years.

  7. 69

    I would like to see. In a child’s name

  8. 70

    I would like to see virgin suicides plz plz bn forever

  9. 71
    Avatar Shirley M. Beatty says

    I would like to see “Backstreet” with Lana Turner.

  10. 72
    Avatar Shirley M. Beatty says

    I have been trying to pick a flick for I don’t know how long. What’s the use? You keep showing the same movies over and over anyway. I asked to see “Back Street” with Susan Hayward so long ago I just give up.

  11. 73

    Would like to see “Caught in the Act” with Lauren Holly again. Great film and entertainment.

  12. 74
    Avatar louis burnett says

    I would love to see the hidie flices move I dont know if I’m spelling her name right but she had the escort business and went to prison for it in cal. I hope the would play this move soon if you haven’t seen it you need to its a very good movie

  13. 75
    Avatar Elsie Mc Kinney says

    I would like to see Midnight Bayou written by Nora Roberts can you let me know when it will be showing? I know or think this is a 2006 or 2009 movie, but I have never seen this movie. I have to pay extra to receive Lifetime Movie Network, and I believe I should be able to watch something else besides the same movies over and over. I am about ready to have this channel cancelled
    Thank you for whatever u can do

  14. 76

    I would love to see some irish johansen movies from her books if there is any!!!!! I just love her writing also lisa jackson movies from her books plzzzz check for all of us .

  15. 77

    it is a very very goood movie

  16. 78

    it is a goood movie i looooooooooove it so much

  17. 79

    the child called it

  18. 80

    it is awsome

  19. 82

    the good mother

  20. 84

    I would love to see a vcandrews new book made into a lm i have been readin her books since her first one !!!!

  21. 85
    Avatar kristyl kay says

    i would really love to see she fought alone that movie really inspires me in so many ways and i would love to see her last chance

  22. 86

    I want to see, The movie about the sixteen year old that gets pregnant. And she has a little boy. I can’t remeber the name. It was on before, I missed it though.
    Will you please show it again soon. Thank you. 🙂

    • 87

      Alright I found the name, Sorry. It is fifteen and pregnant. I thought that it was a really good movie when i first seen it and i haven’t seen it in a while. I just had my son, I was fifteen also.

  23. 88

    cries in the dark panic room panic button can you please pick one of these for tomorrow I love all of them so please pick one of these on 7 to 9 please not 11 to 1 thank you

  24. 89

    I would like to see the movie Sunshine,,starring Cliff de young
    on a Saturday nite..thanks

  25. 90


  26. 91

    i would like to see Maternal Instincts Please.

  27. 92

    yes i would like to see double crossed

  28. 93

    i like yall to play
    ” love songs” please!

  29. 94

    I would like to really really see the movie “The Princess and The Marine “…Please

  30. 95

    I would like to see Immitation of life.That is not only a classic but also a great movie as well.

  31. 96

    I would like to see Living with the Enemy. It’s a very good movie.

  32. 97
    Avatar michelle cicero says

    I would love to see Penny Serenade with Cary Grant and Irene Dunn. It’s an old pic, and I loved it. Also, “The Good Son”. For those movies on the list, A Teacher’s Crime and Maid of Honor. I know there are some old-time favorites, I’ll have to look at a list of movies to jog my memory, and I’ll make a list. I was wondering, why hasn’t your sister station, Nick at Nite played the old-time favorites, such as, “The Patty Duke Show”, The Lucy Show, The Dick Van Dyke show, Here’s Lucy, just to name a few. Those were such memorable shows that I truly miss.

  33. 98

    I am your biggest “Lifetime” movie watcher ever! I would love to see “Chasing The Dragon” w/ Markie Post. I’ve been watching “Lifetime” for 25 years anyway (I started young! hee)! and there are so many great movies from years ago. The movies from the past years are wonderful, but are repeated all the time. Believe me, if I like a movie I can watch it many, many times, but I wish you would repeat all the movies from years ago , as well. Some of the best true stories were back then. Anyway, I have looked repeatedly for “Chasing The Dragon” and I don’t believe it’s been shown for a long time!!! I love the relationship between the mother and son! Please!!!! Thanks! You’re awesome!!!

  34. 99

    I would like to see Lethal Vows w/John ritter and Irresistable w/Susan Serandon

  35. 100

    I would like to see My Neighbors Keeper. Thank You

  36. 101

    I can’t remember the name of this movie but it was on this week end,the lady that plays Bailey on Greys Anatomy plays a homeless person.I had just started watching it and had to leave.I hope you will show that this Friday.Thank You.

  37. 102

    i would like to see maid of honor please

  38. 103

    hmm I’d like to see Teacher’s Crime
    sounds very interesting!

  39. 104
    Avatar George Lints says

    I would like to see Borrowed Hearts, not to late in the evening.

  40. 105
    Avatar sheila scutt says

    I would like to see glass house and good mother as it was on very late one night and I didn’t get to see all or the begining of it

  41. 106

    Iwould like to see my bestfriend husband

  42. 107

    i would love to see gracies choice love it

  43. 108

    Cries in the dark. Please pick this one. Thank You

  44. 109

    I would like to see panic room, panic button & cries in the dark. Please pick one Thank You

  45. 110

    I would like to see: Double Cross

  46. 111

    we would like to see the steofather

  47. 112

    what is wrong with guys watching lifetime i am not gay been married for 25 years i loive that station

  48. 113

    haven’t seen Double Cross, sounds good. I vote for that. Thanks

  49. 114
    Avatar donna mayle says

    i would like to see the good mother

  50. 115

    I would love to see the movie marriage of convenience it is one of the best love story endings I have seen besides the movie the reba forever love those always make me cry at the endings they are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you

  51. 116

    Kathy, OMG I loved that move “Lace” I finally found it on dvd through a website. It was the best mini series I have ever watched. “which one of you bitches is my mother?” I forgot how slow moving the movie is after being able to watch it at my leisure, but that was one of the great ones.


  52. 117

    I would love to see a movie called LACE with phoebe cates in it. it was an awesome movie and I havent seen it in years and would love to see it again. thanks, kathy

  53. 118

    I would love to see the movie called “Shadow”. It is such a good, touching movie.

  54. 119

    I would like to see bastard out of carolina

  55. 120

    I would love to see Northern Lights. It was on late one night and I was too sleepy to wait for the ending. Please show it again

  56. 121
    Avatar Kayla Higgins says

    I would like to see The Good Mother.

  57. 122
    Avatar Kayla Higgins says

    I will like to watch the lifetime network movie The Good Mother thank you.

  58. 123
    Avatar Kayla Higgins says

    The good Mother.

  59. 124

    I would like to see Double Crossed

  60. 125

    would like to see a teachers crime