How to Make an Orange Pomander

How to make an orange pomander

Remember when you were a kid and your teacher brought in the supplies for you and your classmates to make a beautiful Orange Pomander? The craft was simple but, FUN! And, do you remember the smell? Mmmm…

Today I’ll show you the simple basics on how to make your own orange {or any citrus, really} pomander to fill your home with the spicy clean aroma of Fall!

You’ll need:

Citrus pomander craft tutorial for fall

Oranges {or any citrus}
Whole Cloves
a Toothpick
Ribbon {optional}

Fall craft idea for kids - Orange PomanderStep one: Using a toothpick, poke holes where you would like to put your cloves. Trust me when I say, your fingertips will thank you.

Kids craft for fall with fruit - Orange PomanderStep two: Continue poking holes and adding cloves.

Keep a child busy making a craft - Orange PomanderStep three: Just keep adding cloves until you feel you’ve achieved your ultimate design. You can fill the orange up with cloves, make a swirly design, add a monogram or make any design you’d like.

Fall citrus centerpiece - Orange PomanderWhen you’re finished adding all of the cloves that you’d like to add, you can pop your pomanders in with a multitude of gourds and pumpkins for an attractive Fall centerpiece. Or, add a ribbon and hang your pomander for both decoration and aroma. {just be sure to keep an eye on it, your fruit will eventually spoil}

Bonus: This craft kept my five-year-old busy for about an hour. Need to fold a load of laundry or catch up on a sink full of dishes? Give your child the supplies needed to create a pomander and you’re set!

Bonus to your bonus: you’re house will smell amazing when she’s finished!

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