Make Your Own Chia Pet – Craft Meets Classroom!

My kids are too young to ‘officially’ home school, but that doesn’t mean we can’t lay the ground work for their future education!  Regardless of whether you’re choosing to teach at home or send your kids to school (we haven’t decided yet!), this activity is fun and a great learning opportunity.

Chia Seeds for Homenade Chia Pet

Photo by Health Guage

  • Make Your Own Chia Pet – What You’ll Need:

– A small clear jar (I used a baby food jar)

– Grass seed (I used Rye)

– Dirt (just a handful from the yard)

– Odds & ends for decorating (I used buttons, foam stickers, nail polish & ribbon)

  • Make Your Own Chia Pet – How to Do It:

– Moisten the soil & fill the jar 3/4ths of the way with moistened soil

– Add grass seeds to the remaining moistened soil and add the seed/soil mixture to fill the remaining 1/4th of the jar.

– Decorate your jar with a face & place in a sunny spot.

  • Make Your Own Chia Pet – Tending:

– Keep your pet in a sunny spot and make sure the soil stays moist.

– After about 24 – 48 hours you will begin to see the seeds sprout.

– After 3 – 5 days your pet will need a hair cut!

  • Make Your Own Chia Pet – Ideas:

– Teach your kids about the anatomy of plants and how they grow.  By using the glass jar you’re able to see the root system!

– Teach your kids about human anatomy.  Decorate the face with eyes, ears, nose & mouth.  The roots become a brain and the seeds grow into hair!

– Teach your kids responsibility by having them tend to the pet.  Water, sunlight and gentle trimming!

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