Make Your Photos Look Like Paintings

With all the free photo editing sites, it’s easy to get high quality pictures from any camera. One of my favorite editing tools takes your photograph and turns it into a painting. With all the photo editing options out there it is also easy to get overwhelmed. So we gathered the best of the best so you can turn your photographs, into beautiful pieces of artwork.

Pixel Bender

Pixel Blender Effect on PhotosPixel Bender Oil Paint easily turns your pictures into soft oil paintings. It also allows you to generate a wide variety of elaborate fractals and turn the lower edge of an image into a number of tendrils that wave as you move them. (Photo Credit: Helen Bradley)


Psykopaint allows you to paint unique pieces of art from your photos. Psykopaint works in a unique way by selecting the colors from your image and automatically adds the colors for you. Fun, easy to use and you don’t need an IT degree to create beautiful masterpieces. (Photo Credit: Psykopaint)

Personalized Coloring Pages

Personalized Coloring Pages From PhotographsHave Adobe? Then you can easily turn your photographs into personal coloring pages for you kids! This step by step tutorial will have you kids coloring in ten simple steps.

Dynamic Auto Painter

Dynamic Auto-Painter for Photography Special Effects

Dynamic Auto-Painter (DAP) is a fun to use software to automatically turn a photo or a 3D rendering into great looking painting inspired by some of the most famous real world artists. It can also be a great feedback tool to improve your photography skills by simplifying the image to its core visual values. (Photo Credit: Dynamic Auto Painter)



PhotoArtisa iPhone Photo Editing Program

Use you iPhone for moist of your photography? Don’t feel left out! PhotoArtisa allows you to create various painting looks for $2.99. This app is great because it also lets you control the brush stroke size, edges, and more. Definitely worth the small price tag. (Photo Credit: iTunes)

What are your favorite special effects for your photos?

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