Maternity Photography Pose Ideas

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Maternity Photography has been a burgeoning trend for several years. For great reason; there are few other times in life that are as fleeting, unique, and special.  Capturing the memories with a camera to document the milestones is what photography is all about.

Whether you’re a long-time professional photographer, a newcomer to the art, or simply have a friend who’d love for you to shoot a few photos of her during this special time, you’re sure to find inspiration in these seven gorgeous photos.

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It’s a joyous time…let it be that! Let your subjects have fun, be relaxed, and enjoy the experience. This is a wonderful example of just letting lose and having a great time.

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Don’t forget props. They can be fun and help tell the story. Be careful to not overuse, however. Don’t want to get campy! This photo by  Petula Pea Photography does it perfectly.

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Love the timeless. What’s more eternal than love? This photo by Eric Warner captures that and so much more with this classic image.

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The classics are classics for a reason. Sometimes you just need a bare belly shot in black and white. It doesn’t get more perfect than this Soul Prints Photography baby belly.

maternity face textA pregnancy photo that doesn’t feature the beautiful growing belly? Yup. Sometimes all you need is the look on the expectant mom’s face.  This image by Petula Pea Photography is a stunning example.

maternity laying down textSwitch up the perspective. You can get some exciting and dynamic images by playing around with unexpected angles, like this gorgeous shot from Emily Heizer Photography.

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Natural settings are perfect.  There’s something about a pregnant woman and a field full of wildflowers or tall grass that just seem to belong together. Capitalize on that like Tiffany Hughes Photography did in this gorgeous image. You won’t be sorry.

Have you taken a maternity photograph that you’re particularly proud of? We’d love to see it! Share it on our Facebook page!

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    Ahhh! These maternity shoots are fabulous! So natural!
    Zoe xxx

  2. 4

    I absolutely adore taking it back to nature for maternity sessions where there’s an etherial tenderness to showcase the mother’s beauty. I recently had a mother want to incorporate an airy, dramatic skirt. It suit the mood perfectly. Maybe you’ll enjoy it as much as I did!

  3. 5

    Maternity photo shoots are my absolute favorite, and I love getting new posing ideas! Gorgeous collection of shots!