More Free Actions for Photohop Elements

Not too long ago, Drea posted some great info here on Photo Bliss about using free actions to automate processes in Photoshop Elements.  She mentioned CoffeeShop, whose Creamy Toffee Latte action I used for this belly button shot.

Free Photoshop Elements for Home Photographers

Here are some other places to find Photoshop Elements friendly freebies!

One caveat before you start downloading – confirm that these actions are compatible with your version of Photoshop Elements and with your operating system (Mac, Vista, XP).

  • Graficalicus – Not only does Graffi have a great free action sampler pack, he also has good tutorials in his blog, and he posts free stuff there from time to time.  The free sampler pack has these actions, among others:  Soft Black & White, Old Romance,  and Sketch.
  • Grant’s Tools – totally free set of 10 actions that gives missing Photoshop functions to Photoshop Elements.  Free is good!  Some of the actions you get are Layer Masks, Channels and CurvesNo one has an excuse not to use Layer Masks now!
  • Elements Plus up to 145 free actions that “reveal the hidden functions in Photoshop Elements” to make it more like Photoshop itself.  It has a great black & white conversion, paths and a watermarker.
  • virtualPhotographer by optikVerve Labs – I can’t even count how many effects you can get here – all for free!  These actions are compatible with Paint Shop Pro too.  virtualPhotographer will help you modify color, create soft focus, add film grain and more. Here is the Faded effect from virtual Photographer:

Faded Copy Photoshop Element Free

  • Panos FX – Lots of fun effects here, like Out of Bounds, Rubik’s Cube, and
  • Rainy Day (see below).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Installing Actions in Photoshop Elements

Some of these actions automatically install themselves.  Unfortunately, you have to install the others yourself.  The process sounds intimidating, but it’s not!  Tutorials for installing actions in Photoshop Elements 4, 5, 6 & 7 on XP and Vista are available on my blog.  Happy Photoshopping!


What do you think?



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    Great photoshop ideas, thanks for sharing these with all of us!

  2. 13

    Thanks a lot for posting these Erin, I’l definitely try all of these. I only got 10 free actions from Elements plus demo version, not ”up to 145 free actions that “reveal the hidden functions in Photoshop Elements” to make it more like Photoshop itself. It has a great black & white conversion, paths and a watermarker. ” as written above. Am I missing something?

  3. 14

    Hi Carroll,

    I’m sure we can help you. Have you figured out how to get your photo in the right place to edit it? I’m not quite sure what you’re asking, but we’ll figure it out.

    I have lots of tutorials on my website ( You might start with some of those. And there is a link to email me directly if you have more questions.


  4. 15
    Avatar carroll wise` says

    I have just purchased photoshop elements 7 and must be a real dummy.* cant even figure out how to get a photo in the right place to edit it,muchless understaning how to…Can anyone help me..Evev a tip or two would be nice

    Thank you

  5. 16

    You are welcome, Jaye! That virtualPhotog is fabulous! I’m so glad you’re using it.

    If you’re interested in the Graficalicus stuff, you could post a comment on his blog. He’s been very responsive with helping me in the past, and he might be able to tell you if some anti-virus software doesn’t like his actions.

  6. 17

    Incidentally, thank you for the post, Erin. I’ve been having a wonderful time with the VirtualPhotographer download — it’s probably more than I’ll ever need.

  7. 18

    When I downloaded the file, my antivirus software “quarantined” it because it contained viruses.

  8. 19


    I hate to hear that you had issues with that download! What happened?


  9. 20

    Just a warning — the free download for PS7 from Graficalicus is filled with viruses.

    • 21

      Hi, Jaye – I’m sorry that happened (and I’m also sorry that I’m just now seeing this post!). Many AV programs trigger false-positives, and the compression program I used to use for those installers was also (apparently) a favorite among hackers. Rather than investigate each app (and I contacted most AV manufacturers), they simply flag it as a virus (UNLESS you pay them to do an “in-depth analysis” of your program, which most small developers cannot afford to pay).

      So – my apologies for tardiness, and if you still are interested, there’s all-new stuff – including a new freebie pack with a different installer.
      Mike (graffi)

  10. 22

    Thanks for this… VERY helpful! 🙂

  11. 23

    Oh yes!! Love it!

  12. 24

    I LOVE FREE THINGS! Thank you for gathering them up and posting them!