Mother’s Day Crafts with the Kids

I love making fun homemade gifts with my kiddos on Mother’s Day.  Here are several little crafts that you print out and quickly do with your children.  You can  make any of these for  Grandparents as well.

All About My Mom

All About My Mom– Have your child fill in the blanks then get ready to laugh your head off. This is also a fun game to do at a pre-school Mother’s Day party.

Finger Flowers

Finger Flowers– To make simply print out on cardstock and use your child’s painted fingers for the petals and yellow thumb for the middle. Draw on some green stems and  have them color the pot and you’re all set.

Handprint Poem

Hand Print Poem– Place the handprints of your child onto a sheet with this darling poem and laminate it to frame or scrapbook.

MOM Card

My Mom Card – Print, color, and fill in the blanks on this cute card to show Mom what her child knows about her. 🙂  It’s also a great activity for Dad’s to do with the kids.

Mother's Day CD

Mommy I Love You CD Frame– Have the kids decorate a cd case as a gift for Mother’s Day.

Mom's Many Hats

Mom’s Many Hats – Mom wears many hats in the family. This is a fun activity for Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day Coupon Booklet

Mother’s Day Coupon Book – Print out this coupon book for a great gift from the kids on Mother’s Day.

Printable Mother's Day Card

Mother’s Day Card – This is a great card for Dad’s to print out for Mother’s Day because it’s quick and takes no preparation.

Mother's Day Place Mat

Mother’s Day Place Mat – Make your own place mats as an activity or a gift this Mother’s Day.  Simply print out the front, color, and paste on colored paper, then on paper lace.

Handprint Poem 2

Mother’s Day Hand PrintA great way to display your child’s hand prints or give as a gift to Grandma. You could also use this as a play day activity.  Print out the poem and place a painted hand print on the left side.

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    Thank you for these great ideas! Is there a way to print “The Mother’s Day Card”?

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    amazing thanks I really needed to look at that

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