New Music from Harry Connick Jr – That Would Be Me

A review by Tulasi S.

To facilitate this review I was provided music, but all opinions are my own.

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Harry Connick Jr.’s newest album, “That Would Be Me” is an upbeat, unique collection; each song bringing a smile to your face. Having a strong and comprehensive musical background, Connick Jr. masterfully paired ingenious lyrics with catchy and melodious tunes. His smooth crooning gives life to the album as his rich baritone voice tells the story of each song. Don’t be surprised if you catch yourself singing these infectious tracks.

One of my favorite tracks off of the album is “Songwriter”. It is one of those songs that you can’t sit still while listening to. With a funky beat reminiscent of the 70’s, “Songwriter” is easily one of my current favorite songs. The antique feel of the song contrasts with the modern lyrics and Connick Jr.’s smooth, contemporary tone. This style is so unique in our age of repetitive, cliché pop music that you can’t help but sing along.



Another notable song is the jazzy, emotional ballad, “Every Time I Fall In Love”. Contrary to many of the other songs in the album, this one is more mellow and crawling as Connick Jr. takes every opportunity to showcase his velvety, smoky voice. Not only does Connick Jr.’s voice give you chills, it evokes those warm and fuzzy emotions that take you to your happy place. This is the type of song that is meaningful, demonstrating that the art behind music is still alive in the modern arena. Connick Jr.’s talent really shines in this beautiful piece and anyone is able to appreciate his raw musicality.

Harry Connick Jr.’s, “That Would Be Me”, is a musical masterpiece that brings classic music to a whole new level with his pleasing voice and modern lyrics, making the album a truly unique experience. This album is definitely a timeless piece that will be a staple in my personal music collection.


Check out the album as well as Connick Jr.’s whirlwind life as a composer, songwriter, musician, actor, and performer on his social media.



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