Paint Your Toes Pretty – Summer Pedicure Designs

Summer is upon us and our toes are ready for the sunlight! Or are they? Paint your toes pretty, girls! When choosing colors and patterns for this season, don’t forget your feet. Try some of these pedicure designs and make your toes the talk of the (pool) party!

Image credit: suravid / 123RF Stock Photo

I love the basic French tip pedi. It’s clean and simple. But I also love spicing it up sometimes with some added color and bling.

Notice how just a touch of a beautiful color makes a dramatic difference!

Image credit: hightower_nrw / 123RF Stock Photo

And again, minimal color and design adds elegance to this French pedicure.

Give your tips a little more sparkle with help from the above tutorial found on

Image credit: hightower_nrw / 123RF Stock Photo

Or add just a single jewel to your fresh pedicure with tweezers and adhesive.

If you want more color and design, check out this pink and black leopard nail art tutorial from Prettyfulz.

Polka dots are fun and easy for summer. Find this idea and others at

And, if your vacation this season includes a tropical destination, why not add a few palm trees to your polish? (

If trying these designs seems scary or the thought of applying polish feels like a chore, I think I have found the perfect solution for you (and me).


These Nail Shields from Jamberry Nails provide an inexpensive way to take your fingers or toes from boring to fabulous without visiting the salon or spa! No art degree required.

No matter which design you choose, you can now look your best from your head to your feeet! Paint your toes pretty, girls, and get ready for some hot summer fun!

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