Paper Bag Gingerbread Garland

With just a brown grocery bag and some crayons, you and your kids can create this sweet garland of paper-doll-style gingerbread boys & girls.



  • brown grocery bag (or a roll of brown craft paper)
  • crayons, markers, etc. for decorating – we found that construction paper crayons worked great

Open your paper bag flat and cut into strips. Accordion-fold each strip, making the folds the width you want your gingerbread people to be. Draw or trace a gingerbread shape onto the top of the folded strip (we used a cookie cutter for tracing.)


With some good scissors, cut around the shape (this is a grown-up job!). Remember not to cut any parts that are on the folded sides, in this case the ends of the arms and legs. Unfold and see the long string of gingerbread people holding hands!


Let your kids get busy decorating! We used crayons, but the paper bag would be sturdy enough for paint, or even fabric scraps, ribbon, ric-rac, etc.


Happy decorating!


What do you think?



  1. 3

    I’m so excited to share an award with you!! Go to my website to receive it!! Thanks for all of your creativity and inspiration!!

  2. 4

    What a great idea!! My 3 yr old has been talking only about gingerbread this holiday season (no idea why 🙂 ) she will just LOVE this!!

  3. 5

    My goodness! How quick and easy? You have just made me a STAR with my 4 year old.

    I just cut her garland out and she’s off decorating it – not before telling me that ‘you are the bestest mommy ever’.

    Thank you – earns me a much needed break from ‘what can we do today mom?’ and some peace to vacuum!