Planting the Color of The Year – Radiant Orchid Plants in Your Garden

The color of the year, chosen by Pantone, is Radiant Orchid. It’s a bright purply-pink color and it’s a huge hit in home decor accents and fun office accessories all over the place. But if you want to GROW something in your garden or home landscaping that features the color of the year can you?  The answer is yes! See some of my favorite plants that will bring the radiant color of the year to your outdoor spaces.

Hatsuzakura Tulips from Colorblends

Radiant Orchid Tulips by colorblends Hatsuzakura Tulips

Oh I adore these gorgeous tulips by Colorblends. Plant bulbs in the fall when the leaves start turning colors for gorgeous blooms in the following spring.

Lavender Bloom-a-Thon Azaleas by Proven Winners

Bloom-a-thon Lavender Azalea is a radiant orchid flowering shrub

These Azaleas are reblooming azaleas so they are shade-loving, evergreen shrubs that flower at least twice a year with sporadic blooms throughout the summer. Great landscape shrubs and the lavender shrubs have a radiant orchid tone to them. By Proven Winners.

Bloomerang Purple Reblooming Lilac

Radiant Orchid Colored Flowering Shrub - Bloomerang Reblooming Purple Lilac by Proven Winners - Stunning!

Another flowering shrub by Proven Winners, the Bloomerang Lilac loves full sun instead of shade like the Azaleas above. Lilacs are also heavily scented and will fill the garden landscape with fragrance, as well as the Radiant Orchid color of the year.

Young Lycidas – A David Austin English Rose with Radiant Orchid Tones

David Austin Roses in Radiant Orchid Tones

This English Rose is one of the David Austin collection plants which  means it has an heirloom rose look (and fragrance!) with modern rose vigor and health. Young Lycidas has several tones in the purple-pink blooms but there’s definitely a Radiant Orchid vibe to this flower. Lots of blooms and scent throughout the season makes it a great addition to any cottage garden design or mixed border.

Iochroma ‘Royal Purple’ for a Hummingbird Magnet Plant

Iochroma Royal Purple Perennial Attracts Tons of Hummingbirds

This frost-sensitive perennial has gorgeous trumpet-shaped blooms that attract hummingbirds by the droves. It will grow about three feet tall and produce masses of these beautiful flowers all summer long if given enough water. Photo by Lisa Francis Courtesy of Missouri Botanical Gardens.

Tri-Color Tones for Radiant Orchid With This Horned Violet

Horned Violet Skippy Plum Gold for tri-tone color with Radiant Orchid

I love this beautiful tri-color violet, already one of my favorite shade-tolerant perennials. There are definite shades of Radiant Orchid in these cheerful faces, brilliantly coordinated with a deeper maroon and brighter yellow coloring. Gorgeous! Photo by Lisa Francis Courtesy of Missouri Botanical Gardens.

What about edible plants? Well you’re in luck! I found some veggies and herbs that very closely match the Radiant Orchid color of the year also. Check these out!

Malaysian Dark Red Eggplant for Radiant Orchid Edibles

Malaysian Dark Red Eggplant - Radiant Orchid Edible Plant!

I love this slender eggplant I found at Baker Creek Seeds and it’s a perfect match for Pantone’s Radiant Orchid. Grow it right in a mixed bed or border for a great edible landscaping plant or add the color of the year to your vegetable garden!

Red-Leaved Hyacinth Beans for Blooms, Pods and Leaf Color

Red-Leaved Hyacinth Beans are Radiant Orchid Beans

These are stunning vegetables from Baker Creek Seeds because not only are the leaves beautiful, but the bean pods and the flowers are all gorgeous. Add these anywhere you can let the vines climb in full-sun or to your vegetable garden trellis.

Hong Vit Green Radish by Cook’s Garden

Hong Vit Green Radish in Radiant Orchid

I love Cook’s Garden for their unique heirloom seeds and plants so I wasn’t surprised to find these unusual greens – Hong Vit Radishes – which are grown for their leaves instead of roots. Look at those bright stems contrasting against the green leaves….stunning!

Whether you are going for ornamental or edible, you can bring the Radiant Orchid look to your garden in a variety of ways. From roses to radishes, sun to shade, there’s something in this for every garden space! Bring lasting color to your landscape with the color of the year.

What do you think?