Product Review: University Medical Wrinkle Free Eyes 20 Minute Lift

If you regularly read my contributions around here, you know skin care is of the utmost importance to me.  While I have a lengthy, well researched list of personal faves that I am quite loyal to, trying out new products remains one of my favorite hobbies. Which is why writing for this site is so fantastic! I dance with glee every time I get an email asking if I would be interested in trying out a new product. But when my lovely editor Jenny contacted me about trying out the Wrinkle Free Eyes 20 Minute Eye Lift System, I wasn’t sure. I am fairly young (28), and lucky enough to not be experiencing significant aging in the eye area. Jenny encouraged me to give the product a try anyway, and a few days later a nifty little kit arrived in my mailbox:


What I did not realize upon initially agreeing to do the review is that the kit contained two more fabulous products: Retinol Intensive Night Cream and the 24 Hour Facelift. Then I was excited. Why? Well, just like everyone else, I deal with dark circles from time to time. And this kit arrived at a particularly stressful time in my life.   Even more distressing, I had recently discovered a few smile lines around my mouth that I (only kind of) jokingly informed my friends I was going to get Botox-ed.

So I first decided to tackle the smile lines- they aren’t exactly deep-set, but they do seem to collect make-up in them, making them more visible.  According to the product literature, this product contains time-released Hyaluronic Acid which works within the skin’s surface all day long, visibly decreasing the look of fine lines and surface wrinkles. It basically acts as a line filler. Sounds good to me! I applied the product to these parenthesis lines at the beginning of the day. I was not quite sure what a reasonable expectation was with regards to a line filler. I did not notice any immediate change or reduction in the appearance of the lines. But what I did notice at the end of the day is no makeup collection. I used to have two small lines that were basically filled with a pool of foundation and powder. This product significantly reduced that effect at the end of the day. Score one for 24 Hour Line Filler!

Second, I decided to give the Retinol treatment a try. Now, I know the product is called “night time” and is supposed to be applied at night. But one morning, I woke up with crazy dark circles under my eyes due to some rough worry-laden sleeping. I decided to apply this product to my face because I knew that retinol is a dark circle reducer. So I patted a little into the skin below my eyes. What happened next SHOCKED me. I came back to the mirror a few minutes later to begin applying my makeup. The dark circles? Had ENTIRELY EVAPORATED. I was completely taken aback.  The Retinol Intensive Night Cream is a much more affordable product than my normal night cream and it had an even more dramatic dark circle reduction effect. Consider me impressed. In my opinion, this was definitely the most impressive product of the bunch.

The last item I put to use was the Micro Charged Patches. These patches, which you place around your eye area for 20 minutes, are supposed to utilize a gentle micro-charge process which activates on contact with skin for faster, deeper, more effective absorption of retinol.  After removing them, I closely inspected my eye area. Admittedly, it was a little difficult to discern exactly what the patches had done, as I do not have crow’s feet. However, I will say that you can definitely feel an effect as the patches do their magic. The area felt more moisturized for hours after I removed the patches.  When I couple the highly moisturized feeling with the results I saw from using the retinol treatment, I feel pretty confident that the retinol coupled with the patches would be a highly effective delivery mechanism for this product. But again, as I do not have significant aging effects around my eyes, it was somewhat difficult for me to evaluate the effectiveness of the patches on wrinkles.

Overall, I was definitely impressed with these products. I will definitely continue to use the Retinol Night Cream, as well as the 24 Hour Facelift on the smile lines. I am not far enough along in the aging process to make use of the Micro Charged Patches, but if you are a victim of crow’s feet, I certainly would recommend trying this product! It is available at a long list of stores, and retails for$29.99, a skin care bargain! Learn more about the products at University Medical’s site today!

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  1. 14
    trina nguyen says:

    where can i buy a wrinkle free eyes? thanks.

  2. 15

    I tried the system and was disappointed. I can get the same effect, better, by applying a bit of Vaseline around my eyes (SO MUCH CHEAPER!). I’m requesting a refund.

  3. 16

    I’ve tried tons of products and the Retinol 4X and the 24 Hour Facelift, gave my skin a really bad reaction
    At first I thought the product was working because I felt some tingling when I put the eye cream on & thought it was great. But after 3 nights of using it, it started to burn and my skin started to peel and it looked horrible. And after showering or putting anything on my face or eye area it felt the same. I stopped using the product and eventually the skin where I used it peeled off (like burnt skin) and I completely stopped using this product.

    I’ve tried so many products and personally I have found that Dermitage has worked the best for me. I am ordering more tonight, I stopped using it because I thought it was a bit on the expensive side, but after experimenting with other products I am going back. And this product just gave me the worst reaction ever.

    • 17

      Same thing happened to me. After using it for 2-3 days I felt a bad burning under my eyes, not a tingle. I’m going to give it a days rest and see what happens tomorrow….

  4. 18

    I did see a difference after the second week of patches. The little lines around my eyes become much less noticable. The effects are temporary, and you need to repeat each week. I bought the refill kit with 8 (4 weeks worth) patches, and it had a $5 off coupon for the next box. I’ll continue to use it. I like the results.

  5. 19

    I’m on my 3rd week of using the eye patches. I’m 47 years old, have youthful skin, but with some sun damage/wrinkles on the left cheekbone (from owning a Mustang convertible in Arizona when I was in my 30s). The eye patches have worked wonders, and working in the “extra” activating cream into problem areas has helped them as well.

    Warning, however: the Rentinol treatment that comes with the starter kit can lead to blotchy red patches and peeling – use with extreme caution, and don’t slather on more than a tiny dot until you know how your skin will react – and different areas of your face will react differently!!

    The 24 hour line filler is okay – I’m not getting any better results with it than I do with a regular moisturizer, but it soaks into the skin easily and doesn’t just float on top or feel oily, both of which are pluses in my book!

  6. 20

    i bought some of the 20 minute eye patches. i did what the lady said about using the wrong cream on the patch. will it work just as well as the activating cream?

  7. 21

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff!!!
    I have spent many years trying to get rid of the dark circles under my eyes. I used the patches last night and after twenty minutes I was amazed!!!!! I also used the face lift cream and my skin feels wonderful!!!
    I am wondering if there are any coupons out there?

  8. 22

    I used the patches last Friday. I used the retinol cream for a couple of days first. The area around my eyes, was tight, red and burned. Today the area was peeling a bit. I remember from using Retin A a few years ago, that happend then also. I dont really see a difference. I am going to use the 2nd patch this week, and decide if I would buy them again.

  9. 23

    Oh, one more thing! Rite Aid didn’t have the replacement eye patches either so I asked the lady from University Medical where they carried them and she said that Walmart and CVS has them.

  10. 24

    I bought the Wrinkle Free Eyes starter kit today. I opened the box and saw the eye patches, the bottle of cream and the tube of cream. I read the directions. Opened one package of eye patches and took out the tube of cream to put on the patches. I then put the patches under my eyes and set my timer for 20 minutes. When I went to put the things back into the box the other package of eye patches moved away from their slots to reveal two small tubes of activation cream which was the cream that was to be used on the patches!!! Why on earth they were hidden behind something was beyond me. And here I am using one set of the patches with the wrong cream on them, what a waste. So I gently took off the patches and dabbed what I could off of them, washed my face again and then put the other cream on them and tried to put them back under my eyes again. But I don’t think it worked and am so dissappointed that they hid the cream like that. I did call them and they said that has happened and they are sending out a set of patches and activation cream. But I can’t use it again until next week just as a precaution. So if anyone buys the starter kit make sure you look UNDER the patches for the right activation cream:)

  11. 25

    Where can I buy this product? WrinkleFree Eyes. I heard that it can be bought in Drug Stores. Is this true?


  12. 26

    where do i get the initial kit? i would love to try it. i’m sick of having dark circles. i’ve tried all kinds of eye creams and nothing works. 🙁 thank you for the information!

  13. 28
    Rita Simpson says:

    Just bought the 20 minute eye lift system initial kit. I’d like to order
    some more eye patches. Can you help me? Thanks. Rita Simpson