Purr-fect Kitty Valentine’s Day Crafts

My four-year-old’s preschool class loves to play kitties, so we thought a friendly kitty Valentine would be purr-fect!



  • construction paper or cardstock for the card (we used a cut-up painting my daughter made at preschool)
  • one large heart for the head (we cut ours from construction paper)
  • two medium hearts for ears (we used foam stickers)
  • one small heart for the nose (we used a sticker)
  • googly eyes
  • marker for drawing whiskers
  • glue

You can make your kitties out of whatever you have on hand — paper, felt, fabric, stickers, doilies, etc. We made one kitty together, then my daughter was able to refer to that one to make the rest. We added a printed label that says, “You are a purr-fect friend!” On the back, she’ll sign her name and tape on a tasty organic sucker from Yummy Earth.

I think her friends are going to adore them – I know I do! Happy Valentine’s Day!


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  1. 4

    Thanks for sharing these. My daughter just made them for her 1st grade class. Cats are her favorite, so these cards were purr-fect!!

  2. 5

    They are so cute. I am adapting them to be dogs as my children sponsor dogs and really want to send them a valentines card so they know they are loved.

  3. 6

    My 3 yr old just made this.she loved it.:)

  4. 7

    Way cute! Great job! I love the googly eyes… I think that makes them. Great project idea for Valentine’s. Thanks for the craft!