Quote Board Wall Art You can Make Yourself

My husband and I recently purchased a new house. A new house means total bedroom makeover for me. We have been living in apartments for the past five years, and I have never really done anything in the decorating department. I am so making up for that now!

I have seen these large graphic signs all over online and I had to have one for the large empty space over our bed. This can be a time consuming project and I highly recommend a helper as some of the steps can prove quite difficult to do by yourself. With all that being said a huge shout out goes to my wonderful husband as this project would be trashed and I would be a ball of pregnant tears without all his help! It ended up being a really fun couple’s project!

Supplies to Gather:

1. A large piece of finished grade wood. For my project, since I wanted a large sign over my bed, my piece is two foot by four foot.

2. Sticker letters. Your size will depend on the length of your quote and the size of your board. I used six inch letters. You can get a large pack at Staples instead of buying individually.

3. Primer. Either spray or paint on will work.

4. A base or bottom color. This will be the color of your quote.

5. A top color. This is going to be the color of your board.

First things first:

Decide on your quote. Otherwise, you will end up like my husband and I standing in the middle of Staples, staring at our iPhones, desperately trying to watch our daughter while trying to come up with a good quote. Believe me not a path you want to go down. Do your research ahead of time and come up with what you want your board to say and how many of each letter you are going to need. This will prevent unnecessary trips back and forth to Staples.

Step Two:

Prime your board. We went with the spray on primer as it was fairly inexpensive and you do not have to buy an enormous can that you have to store. Or, if you are currently working on home improvement projects and have a can of primer lying around, that will work splendidly. Next, wait for  your primer to dry.

Step Three:

Paint or spray on your color coat. This color is completely up to you. Most of the ones I have seen online have been white, however, the husband and I went with a pretty yellow. I like the contrast to our green/gray walls and black furniture, and my husband liked the non-boringness of it. Win win situation.

Another time of waiting around for paint to dry. You must make sure that this coat is good and dry before you move onto the next step. This is a great time to cut out the letters needed for your quote.

Step Four:

This was the hardest part for me. I have no talent whatsoever when it comes to drawing straight lines.  Get a level to use as your ruler. Another tricky part is figuring out how many lines and the spacing that you are going to need. Once your lines are drawn on, play with your letters until you get your quote the way you like it. Peel off the back layer and sit your letters on. Make sure your letters are nice a snug with no air bubbles. This will prevent streaking when you paint or spray on your top coat.

Step Five:

Paint or spray your board with the top coat color. Black was my color of choice. I can’t help it. I like black. As soon as the top layer is dry all the fun happens.

Step Six:

Once you are sure that your top layer is dry, carefully peel off your letter stickers and discard.

Step Seven:

Step back and admire your beautiful work that you have now (hopefully) mounted to the wall.

I would love to see what everyone comes up with!

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