Recycled Crayons Are an Easy Kids Craft

Crayon Craft

I have an easy Do-It-Yourself project!  It’s fun and kid-friendly. And it’s a great lesson in recycling. Impress your kids with this crayon recycling craft.

Kids Love Crafts

My kids love crafts, especially my oldest daughter.  About 42.9 times a week (averages higher in the summer) she wants to get crafty.  It’s exhausting and she doesn’t believe that folding clothes is considered an art form in some remote places.
The other day, the kids were coloring and drawing.  It began to lose it’s appeal and the craft begging began. I took one look at their pathetic collection of old, broken crayons and before I had a chance to call myself a bad mom, I said…


Crayon Recycling Craft Directions

1. Tear the paper off of broken crayons.
2. Place broken crayons into paper liners of muffin tin.  (We did all different colors:  red, white, blue, pastels, Christmas colors.)
3. Preheat oven to 275 degrees and bake crayons for 10 minutes. (My kids loved watching these melt in the oven).
4. Let them cool and peel off paper.
5. Impress your kids. Just like that!
My toddler thought they looked good enough to eat!
In the winter edition of Family Fun Magazine, I saw this same idea. But they put the crayons in heart-shaped muffin tins and attached them to Valentine’s. My kids would love to share these with their friends.
You can see more about recycled crayons for a party and crayon craft ideas on Blissfully Domestic.

What do you think?



  1. 6

    I run a large after school program. We always have tons of broken crayons. We have been melting these in silicone molds lately. I have football shapes, lemon slices and circles so far. I won’t need to buy crayons for a long time and the larger sizes are great for my younger students. We put them in the microwave instead as we do not have access to an oven.

  2. 7

    I love this idea. My kids are three and four years old. I’m always looking for something that my 4yo will like that isn’t too sophisticated for my 3yo. This is great.

    I wonder if there’s another step. Like. something to turn these into. that way I could have my 3yo do the peeling and arranging, we could melt them and then turn them into something else?

  3. 8

    This is awesome!
    Im giving it to my little cousins for christmas =]
    it was lots of fun to make too!

  4. 9

    Great idea! Will start saving those little pieces – love this site! Great job!

  5. 10

    Fabulous! I might very well use this idea for school parties. 😉

  6. 11

    I loved doing this as a kid except we would use candy molds and lolipop molds they were so fun and are a cute goody bag stuffer for b-day parties