Ribbon Bookmarks

My sister Geri and I love to craft and we love to read. Every year along with our birthday gift to each other we include a new book to add to our collections. We also hand make a bookmark to keep inside. Sometimes we write a little message on the back or sew a tiny photograph to the bottom with a picture of something that we want to remember from that year.

They are quick and easy to make and they are so classic looking.

Here are some fabulous examples from Martha Stewart Living:

Ribbon Book Marks

Tools and Materials
2 1/4-inch-wide ribbon (16 inches long)
1 1/2-inch-wide ribbon (14 inches long)
Utility knife
A needle and thread

Bookmark How-To
Cut ribbons to a length a bit longer than the book they’re intended for. On the wrong side of the wider ribbon, use a ruler and pencil to make evenly spaced horizontal lines 1 1/2 inches long.

Using a utility knife, and the edge of the ruler as a guide, carefully cut slits along pencil marks. Weave thin ribbon through slits on wide ribbon. To hold ribbons in place, stitch straight across the top and bottom edges of the bookmark.

To create a fringed edge, stitch across the bottom of the bookmark, about 1/2 inch from the bottom; then pull away the threads running crosswise. Or adorn an edge with a button, bell, or charm.

Photo Ribbon Bookmarks

Cut a piece of 2-inch-wide grosgrain ribbon 3 inches longer than twice the height of the book; snip a point at each end to prevent fraying. Sew a 1 1/2-inch-by-2-inch photograph to the ribbon by hand-stitching each corner. You can also wrap the book with colored tissue paper and tucking the bookmark between two pages. Finish the gift with a simple ribbon or string.


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    These are adorable! Definitely going to make some.

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    I recently found a great on-line scrapbooking site called Scrapblog.com. I have found it very easy to use and perfect for use with all my digital photos! Thanks for the bookmark info.