Saying I Love You…in a Way He Understands

saying-i-love-youSaying I love you comes easily to me (in fact, it’s really not hard for me to say anything at all!). However, saying I love you in a way my husband understands…now that’s a different story.

Taking time to understand the way your husband operates can reveal a lot about your relationship. The “less talk, more action” policy has never been truer than it is when attempting to show a man he is truly loved.

For instance, here are a few husband gifts you may not have previously considered:

Unexpected Love Notes

My husband is a man of few words (aren’t most men?). But just because he doesn’t talk a lot doesn’t mean he doesn’t need to hear that I love him. While he may not hear my words, he does notice them when I write them down. That’s why I’ve started leaving him love notes. No…not old school calligraphy written on a scroll love notes, but little reminders of my feelings for him.

A few of my favorite ways to write “I Love You”: on the bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker (so he can see it when he leaves for work before I wake up), on a post-it note tucked into his wallet (so he comes across it in the middle of the day) or on a napkin in the car (usually by the speedometer or gas gauge – two things I’m hoping he notices when he’s driving!).

Give Him Space

While you may want to spend all your spare time cuddling with your hubby, let’s face it, guys need their space. So whether it’s giving him time to decompress when he comes home from work before upchucking your day onto him or simply giving your blessing when he wants to have a guys’ night out, allow him the time he needs to recharge and rediscover his passions. Trust me, you will reap the benefits from his appreciation!

Do What He Asks

It took me a few years of being married before I realized that I often asked what my husband wished I was doing differently, but rarely acted on his answer. You may not always like what he has to say, but if he has the courage to tell you what he wants (whether that’s making dinner more often or not wearing his t-shirt to bed every night), it would benefit your relationship to make every attempt to follow through with his request.

The old adage “actions speak louder than words” is certainly true when it comes to relationships. If you find your husband isn’t responding to your attempts to tell him you love him, why not try showing him instead?

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