Self Esteem Building Activities for Girls

girls building self confidence

There are many ways a parent can make a positive impact on a daughter’s self-esteem. Day-to-day involvement and open communication are essential. Engaging in self-esteem building activities is also an essential component to boosting a girl’s self esteem.

Four Ways to Improve a Daughter’s Self-Esteem

  1. Read Inspirational Books. Stories (fiction or non-fiction) can inspire and motivate the reader. There are many books written for female tween and teen audiences without a positive message or character. Help your daughter choose wisely. Find biographies and non-fiction with strong female characters who overcame obstacles, were solid citizens, and/or made a difference in the world. This will foster positive thinking and empowerment.
  2. Encourage Journaling. There are a plethora of guided journals for young girls. Many are fill-in-the-blank books with topics such as feelings, being your best, celebrating you, and more. These journals help establish a better understanding of changing bodies and emotions. Check with your local bookstore for ideas.
  3. Set a Date with Your Daughter. School, parents’ work schedule, sports, activities, and homework can make it difficult to slow down to connect with your daughter. Set aside time to take a walk, go out to lunch, or participate in an activity you both enjoy. Use the alone time as an opportunity to communicate with your daughter on a more meaningful level. Make this time all about your daughter. Let her have this time to talk about what is on her mind, how she is doing in school, or about any challenges she might face.
  4. Drawing Self Portraits. Art is another great way to express feelings. Set aside time for art with the focus on self-portraits. Encourage your daughter to make a series of pictures showing how she sees herself. These can include other images to explain her positive character traits. For example, your daughter could draw a picture of herself helping someone else to explain that she is kind.

Tween and teen years are difficult times for girls. Establishing open communication and incorporating positive self-esteem building activities into your family routine will make this time in your daughter’s life easier.

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    I am glad the article resonated for you. It is never too early to work on building the positive self-esteem. I have another piece posting within a week with tips to help build self-esteem. It works nicely with the activities article. I hope you will check it out.

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    I love your tips Kelly! Especially the idea of drawing self-portraits. It seems like a very simple way to visually see if they are having issues, because they may be more likely to put their feelings down on paper. It’s a discussion starter that can lead to an ongoing dialogue. My girls are young but I’m going to keep this one in my back pocket once they get a little older 🙂