Sewing a flannel changing pad

Baby Blanket

Remember the flannel receiving blanket that we made last week?

You can make a diaper-changing pad in basically the same way.

Here’s how to sew your own flannel changing pad:


  • One yard of baby flannel (or whatever fabric you like, really)
  • One yard of vinyl backed flannel or other waterproof fabric
  • Coordinating thread


  1. The preparation for a changing pad is easier than the blanket. Wash and dry the fabric. Iron if necessary to remove any big wrinkles. (Pay attention to the ironing instructions on the vinyl backed flannel. Sometimes it can’t be ironed.)
  2. Place the plain flannel right side up on a smooth, flat surface. Lay the plastic on top, and the second piece of flannel right side down on top of that.
  3. Pin the layers together the whole way around. In the sake of full disclosure, I’ll admit that I always skip this step. I shouldn’t skip it, but I always do.


sewing blanket

    1. When you begin to sew, do not start at a corner! It seems like a corner would be a good place to start, but you’re going to have to turn the whole changing pad right-side out later and an unsewn corner will fall apart and give you a big headache.
    2. Begin sewing in the middle of one side. Using a straight stitch and  a 1/4” seam allowance, sew to the first corner. Without cutting the thread, turn and sew the second side, then the third. Stop, turn, and sew some of the fourth side. Leave a hole in the fourth side that is large enough to put your fist through.
    3. Turn the changing pad right sides out. Use your finger or the blunt end of a pen to poke the corners out into points. Smooth the edges out with your fingers. Press the edges so that they’re nice and smooth.
    4. Locate the hole where you turned the pad. Pin this so that the edges stay tucked inside while you’re sewing.

topstitching blanket

  • Next, you are going to sew around the edge of the changing pad a second time. Do not start on side one this time, as that will weaken the seam on that side. As long as you start on side two, three, or four, it won’t matter whether you start in the middle of the side or on the corner.
  • Start sewing, using a straight stitch and a very small seam allowance, 1/8” if you can. Like before, don’t cut the thread until you’ve gone the whole way around. You will want to back stitch at the beginning and end of the seam.


Voila! You have a nearly instant changing pad.  I use these all over my house. Of course, they make change the baby’s diaper easier since I don’t have to go upstairs to the nursery ten times a day. We also used them in the crib. We would lay the baby on top of the pad during naps and at night to hasten the cleaning process in case of a drowsy spit up or diaper leak.

Wouldn’t a receiving blanket and a matching changing pad make a wonderful baby shower gift if you tucked them into a pretty basket with some diapers, wipes, and a tube of Aquaphor?

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  1. 1

    Is the plastic flannel the stuff they sell for tablecloths and is it machine washable?

    • 2

      I found that Joann Fabric Stores sell specialty material just for babies. It is in it’s own separate section in the store. It is vinyl backed and is used to make diaper covers and changing pads. You can buy it off the bolt or yesterday I found it in packages of 3 different baby prints. I don’t remember the price, but I do remember that at the time I thought it was very reasonable. Hope this helps answer your question.:)