Sleeping solutions for three kids sharing a room.


Totally cool, right? It’s a bunk bed solution for triplets, or twins + 1, or well…you can do the math on this one. It’s from Lea Industries and is a great idea for those of us needing to fit three kids in one bedroom without sacrificing so much floor space. Because I was personally curious about the concept of a triple bunk bed, I did some online searches and came up with several options. And since I do love you fabulous Blissfully Domestic readers, I’m sharing my findings with you!

  • This Urban Triple Loft Setup is a great choice for you if modern-chic is your style.
  • And if you’re into the minimalist look, the Flexa Triple Bunk is a great choice.
  • The Mission Merlot Triple has a rich finish and mature look that the older ones would love.
  • For a more rustic look, check out this triple bunk set.
  • Interested in having a full/twin/twin combination? You’ll love the Blue Ice Triple.
  • Or if you’re the handy-type, you can make your own using one of these kits.

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    That’s beautiful and a great solution for BBB triplets and/or three singleton boys. I have BBG triplets plus a teen girl. So we have decided to let the boys share for now. We have a 4 bedroom house. They girls have their own rooms because their is a 9 year age difference. We got the boys a bunk bed that can be split into 2 twins until they are older. I don’t care for boys & girls sharing a room unless their infants but that it just my issue. To each his own, right? lol Great article! Great solution! Thanks for sharing.