Spring Flower Photo Inspirations

The temperatures are warming up, the days are getting longer and the flowers are just beginning to make their entrance into the world. Spring flowers offer a magnitude of photography ideas and are the perfect subjects because they don’t move or blink! Here are some great ways to capture the true beauty of spring through your camera’s lens.

Focus On Color

pinksherbetFlowers come in a wide array of gorgeous colors. Highlight their beauty against a blank background so they can show off their wares. (Photo Credit: Pink Sherbet)

Up Close and Personal

62ae030f75e1a14fd8c5f8650d791ed5Don’t worry about always getting the whole flower in the picture, focus on the petals or insides of the flower for a more interesting capture. (Photo Credit: Mary Foster)

Use Nature

366favoritephotosNature provides the perfect accents for your flower photos. Ladybugs, butterflies and bumble bees all make great subjects with a good distance lens. (Photo Credit: 366 Photography)



The tress and the sunlight make a perfect canopy of color. While photographing in direct sunlight can be difficult, this is a great example of the harsh sunlight working in your favor. (Photo Credit: Racey)

Add Props

propsAdding a prop to your flower photo is as easy as it sounds. Pick some wild flowers and place them in a vase or throw a few daisies in your bicycle basket to add some flare to your flower photos. (Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty, Cherry Bam)

Point of View

theenchantedhomeGet down on the ground, lay on your back, look up at a flower; by changing your point of view you will capture completely different characteristics of the flower. (Photo Credit: The Enchanted Home)

Add Depth

stylemeprettyNot all flowers have to be sprouting from the ground. I really like the depth this photo has with the hanging vases, yet the focus is only on one. (Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty)

Use People

elenamayThe innocence of a child is a beautiful thing. Add that with the beauty of spring flowers and you have a winning combination. (Photo Credit: Elena Komienko)


loveliegreenie Water if the perfect accent to any flower photo. Whether it is dew, rain or man-made, water is an instant eye catcher. (Photo Credit: Lovelie Greenie)

Pops of Color

colorLook for pops of color. Whether it is a single flower against some greenery or a rogue red flower in a field of yellow, pops of color make for great captures. (Photo Credit: Cherry Bam, Sylwia Urbaniak Photography, Sarah Raven)

Now dust off those cameras and start snapping! We would love to see your flower captures. Please add some of your favorites in the comments or on our Facebook page!

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    You have captured natures wanders so beautifully! You are so very talented!