Stained Shirts Into Masterpieces

Everyone has a stained shirt. Many times it happens to be one of your favorites. What do you do with it? Toss it out? Turn it into rags? Those are some of your options, but they might not be the best option. Turn your stained shirt into a work of art.


Yes, your stained shirt can be a masterpiece. Take one of your favorite shirts that has that spaghetti sauce stain right in the front. You cannot wear it anymore, yet you love it so much. Go to your local craft store and purchase some fabric paint along with any needed brushes and cleaning supplies. If you are not too great at free style drawing and painting, pick up some stencils of various sizes to help you out.

If your shirt is of a delicate style, choose stencils of small berries, flowers, butterflies, and so forth. Start off with that nasty old stain. Place the stencil of your choice over the stain, and fill it in with the fabric paint. Proceed around the shirt in a pattern or just haphazard. Your shirt begins to transform. Make sure that one side is dry before proceeding to the other side.

There is one thing you need to aware of with fabric paint. It tends to draw up and cause your shirt to pucker slightly. Some fabrics look good with this. Others do not. There are various other fabric paints and markers that work well. Check with your local craft store to see what they have on hand.

There are even more ways to reinvent your shirt. Do you do embroidery? There are several iron-on embroidery patterns of various styles. Just pick out the flower, ladybug, or other item that you feel would look great on your shirt. Iron the pattern right over that stain and other places if desired. Then pull out needle and thread and start to work. You will find that the depression of a stained shirt has turned into fun with arts and crafts.

You can also crochet small flowers and sew them on your shirt. Find letter decals that represent your name and put on the shirt. There is so much out there for a creative mind to play with.

Always remember that just because something is broken or not good as new anymore does not mean that you cannot use it in a new way and have fun doing it. That is part of what arts and crafts are all about – being creative, having fun, and discovering new things.

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    Avatar Samantha says

    Thank you my daughter is almost one and has old clothes I want sell for consignment but some are stained. What a way to make them like, like new again!

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    use it up, wear it out, make it do, do without