Start Developing Healthy Eating Habits for your Family!

veggie smiles

It’s never too early to establish healthy eating habits for your children; this extends from selecting selecting nutrient-rich food to regular meal-times together.  I found this wonderful over at Kid’s Health.  It is chock full of sage advice!  Bon Appetite!  An excerpt:

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  1. 3
    Jenny Huang says:

    very cute, i love this

  2. 4
    Niki aka Mad(ish) Woman says:

    Great info! Now if only I could teach my boys what not to eat we’d be in business! 🙂

  3. 5

    Thanks for putting this into such simple steps. It’s true that if you continue to eat healthy that the kids will follow suit. I was surprised when my kids started asking for some of my salad to eat alongside the fruit I’d given them. Now they get their own portion on their plates and normally end up asking for more.