Summer Makeup: Waterproof and Water Resistant Makeup

It is hot out these days.  Hot with a capital H!  The summer time is always a great time to go au natural with your makeup choices.  But maybe you like giving yourself an extra pop of colour on the checks.  Or maybe you have another and another and another wedding to attend.  No matter what the reason, if you want to glam it up in the summer you will need to be armed with these waterproof and water resistant makeup products.

First let’s start with the difference between waterproof and water resistant.  Think of them in varying degrees of their can’t-come-off-ness.  Waterproof is the most long wearing you’re going to get.  If you are going to the pool or experiencing a summer down-pour at the weekly soccer match, you’re going to need to go waterproof.  If you need your makeup to last through a sweaty, greasy summer day, then water resistant will likely be just fine.  The most important thing to remember about wearing waterproof and water resistant products is that you must keep your hands off.  No products will last through rubbing or wiping.

Here’s how to make your makeup last all day, all summer long.  Try these favorite long wearing makeup products:

Mascara: Cargo Better Than Waterproof Mascara

How to use it:  This is a different kind of mascara, it’s called tubing mascara.  Many brands make it and the Cargo one is particularly popular.  To apply a tubing mascara, just brush it on as usual.  To remove it, all you need is water and the pressure of your fingers.  Splash your eyes with water and very gently pull the mascara from your lashes, no makeup remover needed.  This product is waterproof!

BlushTarte Natural Cheek Stain

How to use it: This cheek stain comes in a package like a deodorant stick – twist it up to use.  The easiest way to use this stain is to take two fingers to apply the product from the stick to your cheek.  Start with less product because you can always layer on.  Blend into the area you’d normally apply your powder blush.  Be warned – work quickly with a stain.  This product is water resistant!

FoundationMakeup Forever Face and Body Liquid Makeup

How to use it:  Just apply it to your face with your fingers, a sponge or a foundation brush.  The best part – it has an added bonus because you can use it on your body.  It’s popular to use on the legs if your’e wearing a skirt or shorts and need a little camouflage action below the hemline.  It comes in a very large range of shades.  This product is water resistant!

One more thing, don’t forget to remove your makeup before bed time.  With the exception of the tubing mascaras, all waterproof and water resistant need a specific formula of makeup remover to get all of the traces of makeup off.  Check the labelling on your current remover to be sure it will work.

See you at the pool!

Photo: © Gleb Semenjuk / PhotoXpress

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