Summer Picnic Hosted by Your Kids!

What better way to take advantage of a sunny day then with a picnic?


Ready to inspire your kids to host it? Kids of all ages love to feel empowered by taking over grown-up responsibilities. A summer picnic is a fantastic simple meal for kids of all ages to host. And to top it off, it’s also a great boredom-buster!

Here are the steps that you need to get your kids started:

  1. Create a menu. The kids do the planning! Click these templates for a FREE MENU activity sheet or just a menu template that can be colored in by young ones or written out by older kids. Offer suggestions from easy bite-size nibbles, fruits, veggies, dessert and more. The goal here is to encourage them to plan a meal, learn to cook and be independent. Need a new cookbook? Check out this great list of suggestions from or visit
  1. Prepare the meal. Once your kids have decided on the menu, help gather the ingredients and give guidance as needed. Let the older kids take charge of a recipe and then divide and conquer with the little ones. Who knows? Maybe your kids are future Master Chefs Junior!
  1. Set the table (or blanket). Learning how to set a table is a must in my house. Click this link to download a table setting template, or as I like to call it, a table setting “cheat sheet”. Even in a picnic setting, you can bring paper plates, cups and plastic cutlery to practice this skill!
  1. Serve with style. Lay out a blanket and inspire them to organize and serve the food creatively. Give them tools to make a festive meal presentation – flowers, colorful napkins and more.
  1. Bon appetit! Is there anything better than a fun summer picnic? Eat, play and spend quality time together. Make sure you put away all electronics and just enjoy your time together!
  1. Clean up and move on to the next activity. As the party ends, this is a great teachable moment to remind the kids that everyone should pitch in to help clean up. To motivate the little ones, make it a race to get to the next family activity – outdoor games and sports. Soccer and volleyball are always fun for all ages.

So what are you waiting for? Grab the kids, a blanket, and some cookbooks and get the kiddos inspired to host the next picnic. Fingers crossed, edible food and fun are on their way!

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Suzanne Wind is a wife, mom of three and author of the award-winning series, The SMART Playbook and Lil' Champs Play it SMART. Her passion is to empower parents to teach the next generation social skills that fit a modern world and are the key to their future successes. She writes about ideas and activities designed to help children gain confidence and character.
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