Sweaty armpits? You’re not alone.

I have no shame in admitting that my armpits could easily out sweat the entire defensive line of any NFL team. Winter, spring, summer, fall, early in the morning, late at night and even in my sleep my armpits always seem to be sweating.

As far back as I can remember I have always had sweat issues. And I can tell you that short of surgery I have tried every antiperspirant, deodorant and sly little trick out there. I’ve doused my armpits with witch hazel and then powder puffed them with cornstarch. I’ve layered three different brands and formulas of drugstore deodorant all at once. Lining the underarm of my sleeve with panty liners? You’d better believe it.

In high school I spent countless hours in the bathroom with my underarms under the hand dryers trying to dry out my shirts. It has now come to a point that I avoid purchasing or wearing certain colors or fabrics because I know I’ll (as a friend calls it) “pit them out” within moments of putting them on.

While I have lived many of life’s greatest moments with my hands at my side I have come to realize I am not alone. According to society it’s not “womanly” to sweat. But I dare bet a good majority of us do. Thankfully some companies are coming out with products to help those of us with more active sweat glands to lead a more “hands in the air” kind of life.

~ Secret has come out with a “Clinical Strength” deodorant. While the $8.99 price tag for a 1.6 oz. tube of deodorant made me skeptical and my wallet screech, I decided it was worth a try (an even smaller sample size is available free through the website along with coupons). Instead of applying in the morning, the product is applied at night. It claims to regulate to your body temperature while you sleep and “plug” your sweat glands. Supposedly there is no need to apply in the morning, even if you shower, but routine has me reapplying as I dress for the day. Aside from the awkwardness that is applying deodorant at bedtime, the product really seemed to help after about three days of consistent use. While I’m still not sweat free I feel that I now sweat as much as the “average” woman “should” sweat.

~ Degree has also come out with a “Clinical Protection” deodorant that shares the same claims as Secret and also the same price tag (there is however, a $2.00 off coupon available through the website).

There are of course more drastic steps that can be taken towards the control of underarm sweating, but all of them involve doctors and most of them involve needles and painful outpatient or inpatient surgical procedures. While I’d like to not have to worry about “pitting through” my favorite shirt when I’m out to dinner with my husband, the pain and cost associated with these procedures just isn’t in my budget or pain tolerance. (And almost the procedures are not covered by any sort of insurance. Hello? Shouldn’t embarrassment be covered by some sort of insurance?)

So what about you? Do you sweat or do you glisten? How far would you go to control you underarm sweating? Come on over to Blissfully Domestic Living to discuss how far you’d be willing to go for sweat free sweat pits.

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  1. 23

    Hi there,
    I am a sweat-ers too! even worse the sweat seems to be a generational thing because my daughter is a sweat-er also. I’ve tried, shving 2-3 times a week, Rock crystal deodorant from the health food store, I’ve switched my deordorants just about every 3 to 6 months, I’ve tried the very expensive secret clinical and mitchum before that. None them worked! I was using the secret at nighttime then decided I’ll give it a double dose and use it in the morn as well. It didn’t work on me so I gave it to my daughter and she said that she didn’t see a difference in her sweat pits either. So I’ll look for the drysol at CVS or Walgreens. The only thing I don’t want is the stingy to come along with it…yuck! But I would love sweat free armpits and to be free from the embarrassment of huge wet, yellow stained shirts and I’m sure my daughter concurs! Thanks for the blog ladies!

  2. 24

    I am a very sweaty girl. I attend an all girls school and it is very embarrasing,(I smell myself sometimes). I’ve tried everything from antibacterial soaps to putting rubbing alcohol under my armpits after learning that it kills bacteria, one of the main sources of stinky sweat.They were almost useless.The best results that I’ve got so far was from drinking a lot of water.(A good indicator that you are drinking enough is going to the washroom at least 8 times a day to urinate; your urine being colourless).It grteatly reduces the smell. But still, on a very, very warm day, drinking lots of water is almost useless to stinky sweat, trust me , I live in a tropical island.People expect girls no to stinky sweat and when we do they think that we have hygiene problems or are not practising proper hygiene. Well, I’ve tried about everything and I am frustrated.Can’t wait till someone invents something so this torture will end!!

  3. 25

    You used to need a prescription for Drysol but I think that they have made an over the counter version as well. I think…

  4. 26
    PittingOutRightNow says:

    This Drysol sounds like something I need to try – I am a little confused though – some say you can get it over the counter – some say you need a prescription…I live in the US (I think is it over the counter only in Canada) does anyone know for sure if I need a script from the doc or if I can just go to Walgreens and ask for some? Thanks for your help!

  5. 27

    My Mom and sister have major sweating issues as well. They also use Drysol. Their doctor told them they could use it other places besides their pits. My Mom has been known to rub it all over her head (yes, you read that right) so she doesn’t drip sweat in her eyes and my sister went through a phase where she was using it on her palms so boys wouldn’t be turned off if they decided to put some moves on!

  6. 28

    Fellow sweaters unite!

    I think this is the most comments a post on BD has ever had!

    I saw the title in the upcoming posts as I was writing my post and could not wait to read it! I have had sweaty pits since I had children and have lots of black shirts to prove it.

    I sweat the most when I’m on the phone. Also, it seems to come and go in phases. I, too use that special secret.

    Thank you!

  7. 29

    I have tried the Secret Clinical Strength and found it does help, but doesn’t entirely protect me all the time. I am interested in the Drysol and will be sure to ask my doctor and look in my local drugstores – thanks everyone!

  8. 30

    OMG – seriously – I’m not the only one???

    Ok – will check out this Drysol and will try and remember to apply my newly purchased Secret Clinical strength at bedtime….

  9. 31

    i wish i sweat in my armpits…since that seems to be quite normal. no, not i. i sweat on my stomach. and place they don’t make deodorant for. sucks.

  10. 32

    I am so so SO glad to read this post. I always knew I wasn’t alone!! (even though I will talk about just about anything on my blog I haven’t had the nerve to bring this up)

    I’ve always had this problem. ALWAYS. As far back as I can remember. Clinical term is hyperhydrosis.

    The ONLY saviour I’ve found is Drysol. You can get it over the counter at most drugstores.

    I can’t use it now that I’m preggers, but apply it maybe 2 – 3 days in a row and you’re golden for about a month – seriously!


  11. 33

    Ok, phew I am not alone wahooo.. I too tried the secret clinical, it worked for about a month then stopped πŸ™

  12. 34

    LOL…. I used to shop for certain colors and fabrics. Highschool was horrible.

    It is all too familiar.

    My doctor prescribed Drysol too. It stung and smelled. But I only had to use it for ao couple of months and haven’t needed it since. It really is close to a miracle.

  13. 35

    like other sweaty ladies, i’m all for the drysol. yes, it is prescription and it can sting (just don’t apply it after shaving, that helps) but it is relatively cheap and even better- IT WORKS! i’m still a little wary to wear certain clothes when i know i’m going to be all animated and prone to working up a good sweat, but drysol is fantastic and i would be lost without it.

  14. 36

    Oh, I am quite the sweaty mess also. Try Maxim (www.stopsweat.com). It is about ninety billion times more effective than Secret Clinical. My only problem with it is that I start sweating elsewhere (in my case the backs of my knees), so I guess the sweat has to come out somewhere! One word of advice–the directions specifically say do not apply after shaving. DO NOT IGNORE this unless you want to suffer through the worst pain imaginable. Trust me.

  15. 37

    sweating is a natural (and i’m pretty sure healthy) thing, so a product that “plugs” your sweat glands sounds a little shady. although i do understand the oversweating issues, trust me! a few years in college i got really tired of my overactive pits, so i went to the doctor and he prescribed Drysol (and yes it smelled bad and it stung). i didn’t use it for more than a couple weeks probably and my oversweatiness cleared up. nowadays, i use the Secret platinum protection and i still have to be on the lookout for extra sweat but it’s not nearly as bad as it once was.

  16. 38
    christina says:

    i have the sweating thing too. it started to get worse when i was around 25. my doctor gave me drysol also. it worked great. i only used it for a short time before it started working so well i didnt use it anymore. although now i if i find im a little more sweaty i use it one night and then dont need it again for quite a while. glad im not alone!!

  17. 39

    The same thing happened to me beginning in high school. It wasn’t much of a problem because I wore a white uniform shirt, but college… I spent my first two years keeping my hands down. I went to the doctor and he perscribed Drysol. I had to put it on at night (it stung so badly and didn’t smell all that great) and it worked within a week. After a month of using it I started using it every other night and then went down to a few times a month. That seemed to work and since then I haven’t had much of a problem. I’m not using it at all now and although I still sweat – it’s not nearly as bad.

    Someone once told me that if you drink a lot of water during the day, you’ll sweat less – maybe it’s worth a try?


  18. 40

    My sweat issues didn’t start up until just a couple of years ago. It drove me nuts cos nothing I used seemed to help. I started using my husband’s deodorant and it seems to help more. Sigh. Maybe I’ll have to try the Secret Clinical.

    And yes I’m glad to know I’m not alone. πŸ™‚

  19. 41

    Women glisten, not sweat? Not this girl! I’ve tried the Secret Clinical, but since I also have night sweats (and haven’t even hit 40 yet!), night time application doesn’t work so well for me. At least we’re not alone…

  20. 42

    like those who have already written, I have dealt with the sweating issue since I was a teenager…and thought I was the only one! I cannot buy beautiful silk shirts unless they are in an ugly dark print so that I can hide the stains … and the dry cleaning bills – yes, I have given up trying!!

    So, my wardrobe consists of layers with the bottom layer always 100 percent cotton, and the top layer always, always black, navy or white. No happy colors here! I can’t wait to hear that one of these terrific women have the perfect solution!! Thanks for the post…

  21. 43

    Kacie, I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who hasn’t had a complete turn around with the Secret Clinical.
    It’s better, but it could be even more so, agreed?

  22. 44

    I used to be a really sweaty gal, as well. My teen years were brutal! At first, I was just really, really stinky, no matter what I tried.

    Then came the sweaty phase. Oy. So embarrassing!

    The Secret clinical protection was on sale at CVS a few months ago, so I decided to try it. It’s working pretty well for me, though lately, I haven’t been as sweaty as I was before.

    It’s worth a shot, if you’re looking for a solution!

  23. 45
    PittingOutRightNow says:

    Hi! I am a new reader to your blog and I usually don’t post comments on blogs but I HAD to post on this one. I thought I was alone in my embarrasment but I am NOT! I have tried all the tips you mentioned – even the Secret Clinical Strength. I guess the Secret made a little difference but I could not get into the habit of putting it on at night and I guess the “secret formula” doesn’t work as well if you apply in the morning. I would love to know of any ideas out there that anyone has tried and had some results!