DIY Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Teachers spend so much time with your children. While we may appreciate what they are doing and how they are contributing to  these kids, we don’t often get the opportunity to say “Thank You”. I love sending small gifts throughout the school year for my children’s teachers. The gift doesn’t have to be large or expensive. Teachers just love to hear they’re appreciated in some way.

Did you know that this week is Teacher Appreciation Week at your child’s school? The first full week of May is the designated week to love on your child’s teacher. You could send a small gift each day of the week or one gift on any of the days. {Really, you could send a gift ANY day of the year to tell Teacher you appreciate her!}

Today I’ve gathered a few ideas that are a snap to put together. They’re super cute and will definitely let Teacher know that you are thankful for her and all that she does to make your child one Smart Cookie!

DIY Teacher Appreciation Ideas - Fanta-tastic soda and printable
/1/ “You Are a FANTA-stic Teacher” – This is an inexpensive way to tell Teacher she’s TOPS. You could also attach a restaurant or fast food gift card if you wanted to give her more.

DIY Teacher Appreciation Ideas - Cookie mix gift basket "One Smart Cookie"!
/2/ “One Smart Cookie” Gift Basket – You’ll find the printables you need to re-create this tasty treat basket at I Heart Naptime. I love that you can either give a dry mix OR make a batch of fresh baked cookies!

DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts - Sanitizer gift basket "Hands Down the Best"
/3/ Hands Down Teacher Gift – Every teacher would love a great smelling, scented soap to use in her classroom. The personalized touch of your child’s hand is so great. She’ll love it!

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DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift - Snack gift basket "You're all that" free printable
/4/ “All That and a Bag of Chips” Teacher Gift – I’m willing to bet that most teachers wish they had brought a snack to school at some point during the day. The munchies have a way of sneaking up on you! This gift is great for any day of the school year! {this is a gift I’m guessing my 12-year-old would deem “cool”}

DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift - gift basket in a mason jar!
/5/ “You’re A-Mason!” Teacher Gift – As they should be, Mason jars are all the rage right now! They make the perfect gift “bag”. Pictured is a jar filled with candy but, you could fill it with anything! {ie; a cupcake with a fork tied to the side, drink mixes, dry cookie mix, a gift card and paper crinkles…the ideas go on and on.}

A few more ideas:

  • Leave treats in the Teacher’s Lounge for all teachers to enjoy.
  • It may take a little planning beforehand but, organize a Potluck style lunch for numerous parents to bring in different dishes for the teachers. Set it up in the Teacher’s Lounge for them to enjoy over their lunch hour.
  • Bring in classroom/school supplies for your child’s classroom. Even if the teacher doesn’t need it this year she can hold it for next year. {Less money from her own pocket she’ll have to spend.}
  • Buy a few new books for the classroom library. Better yet, give the teacher a gift card for your local book store. She can go buy age appropriate books that she knows she needs.
  • A handwritten note from your child.

We’d love to see what you’re giving your teachers. Leave a link in the comments section for us to check out. Or, share a picture with us on our Facebook page

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