The Best Hair Dryer in the History of the World

Best hair dryer

A few weeks ago, Laurin posted here about her love for her new hairdryer, the  Remington Emi Airwave Dryer Anti-Static Style System.  After reading her review about this amazing gizmo that styles your hair into waves as it dries, I was all ready to go buy one for myself.

Then I kept forgetting every time I went to Target.

Then, I saw this video of Laurin demonstrating the Emi on her local news.

Amazing!! You must watch it.

I ran out and got one for myself immediately, and I am happy to say that the Emi and I are now engaged in an exclusive, loving relationship.  It truly is the Best Hair Dryer in the History of the World! It dries your hair as it twists it into soft waves!  It only takes me about 10-12 minutes to go from soaking wet hair to beautifully styled waves.


Don’t believe me? Go watch Laurin’s video!

And in the meantime, check out my before & after pictures.  This is what my hair looks like when I just blow dry it with a regular dryer:

regular hair

And THIS is what it looks like after I use the Emi:

wavy hair courtesy of the Remington Emi hair dryer

The best part? The Emi retails for less than $30!! Go get yourself one at Target or at Amazon!

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  1. 17
    sweetpea says:

    I just did my hair for the first time and it looks so awesome! it was a bit awkward to do the back, I’m sure I’ll get better at it over time. I really enjoy the look!! thanks so much for all the info, I def wouldn’t have bought it without these reviews!

  2. 18
    Laurie Sue says:


    I found this via stumbleupon, and decided immediately that I needed one. I can’t find anywhere that ships to the UK, but fortunately I have a very kind friend who says she’ll ship it to me from the US. It’s going to cost me about $50 in total, but from the rave reviews I’ve been hearing, it sounds like it’ll be worth it.


  3. 19

    I needed a new hair dryer and when I saw this one priced at $22 (!) at Target yesterday, I bought it.

    OH! MY! WORD!

    I am in *love* with this hair dryer – and I haven’t even tried the wavy attachment yet. The power – oh, the POWER of this dryer! It’s absolutely the best hair dryer I’ve ever used! Everyone should buy this dryer!

    Mine also came with an attachment to try it straight. For the first time, I was able to dry my hair and not have to finish the straightening with a flat iron.

    Buy this hair dryer! You will NOT be disappointed!

  4. 20

    Thanks for the tip about the hair dryer!

    Here’s a hair dryer that does the opposite (it straightens your hair as it dries it). I blogged about it here:

  5. 21

    To bad that I wear short hair!

  6. 22

    Your hair looks so much better than the girl on the box. Her hair looks ratty. Yours looks gorgeous, when I saw this in Target I remembered Laurin’s review, but the picture on the box made me turn away from it.
    You, have changed my mind. I’m going to get one.

  7. 23

    Wow, this really does look like a great product. Sadly, I have the same hair dryer I purchased upon moving out on my own some twelve years ago. I think its time I treat myself to something new! Thanks for the tip!

  8. 24

    I am SO getting one of those!!! What a great product.

  9. 25
    So Sad Short Hair says:

    OHMYGODOHMYGOD!!! I am totally going to grow my hair out so I can use this puppy!!! I can’t WAIT!!!

  10. 26

    That is VERY cool!!!!!!

  11. 27

    Hmmm … you might have me convinced. 🙂 Thanks for the post. I had no idea this existed!

  12. 28

    This is the ABSOLUTE BEST hairdryer EVA! I loooove it. I found it at for $20 (you get free shipping if you spend $25). I had to have it after Jenny posted about it on her site. It is totally worth the money, and it is so easy. My hubby loves watching me style my hair with it, and I have received tons of compliments.

  13. 29

    Hey April & Laura, my waves stay in all day. I use a mousse when it’s wet to help hold them in. I can even wear the hairstyle for two days in a row – the front usually gets squished when I sleep but in the morning I just wet down the first two sections on each side of my head and re-dry them. I like to use “Wonder Waves” spray from Garnier when I do this also – it helps, too! It’s a great hair dryer, I could not love it any more!

  14. 30

    I’m also wondering how long the waves last–I have fine, straight hair, and if they stay in, this would be a miracle for me!

  15. 31

    Ok, I have to have one of those!!

    How long do the waves last? I’m assuming using some kind of styling product would help it last longer.

  16. 32

    Jenny!!!!!!!!!! WOWZA! #1, your pictures are gorgeous regardless of how your hair is fixed! #2, that hairdryer is amazing! I’m thinkin’ I might **need** one, daggum it…an expense I hadn’t planned on!

    At least it’s reasonable :).


  17. 33

    You look beautiful either way!

    Once you try the Emi it is impossible not to be obsessed. It really is the best hair dryer in the history of the world and I have even been telling random people about it. That may be weird, but everyone needs to be told that this thing exists. I consider it a public service announcement. Would you keep the best development in the history of hair to yourself? That just wouldn’t be right.