The Easy Updo

How many of you slept in pillow rollers the night before picture day hoping to get sproingy bouncy curls only to wind up with an uncontrollable electrified poodle on your head? Yeah, me too.

A fashion magazine promised me years ago that “Pillow rollers have changed! You can get those sexy curls you want with pillow rollers!” I tried it. Unless poodle is sexy, the fashion magazine lied to me. In a desperate attempt to tame the poodle I discovered this updo that lasts all day and doesn’t budge. I’ve even gone to the gym with it and gone out later the same evening looking just as fabulous. It’s all about the prep and the bobby pins.

Updo Tools

Behold my pillow rollers, my classic hairpins and my secret weapon, the Scunci bobby pin for thick hair ($3.99 at any drugstore). I put them in when my hair is damp after an evening shower. I first put on a smoothing serum (I use John Frieda Frizz Ease Serum) and a curl spray (TRESeme Thermal Creations Curl Activator Spray, seriously, if you don’t use this stuff, START.)

Wrap small sections of hair around the roller from from the root, starting at your crown and working your way down until all your hair is tied up. Go to bed. Sweet dreams.

Good morning!

Hello rollers

Be sure to have some decent looking pajamas on because with the way the universe works the cute UPS guy will show up at your door, or you’ll have to take a friend to the airport at the last minute before you have a chance to take these bad boys out. Believe me, both have happened to me. Okay! Take ’em out! Don’t muss with them though.

Post  Pillow Rollers

By this point you should look like Medusa (further reinforcing my suggestion for cute jammies). Now bend from your waist and do a little gentle shaky shaky of your head. Good. Now spray with a non crunchy good hold hairspray (I use JOICO JoiMist Firm, never underestimate the power of a good hairspray, especially in humid climates). Now it’s time to pin.

At the back of your head gather a good hunk of hair and pin it firmly into place with a hefty bobby pin, this is your anchor. Then take all the extra Medusa tendrils and pin them back individually to your anchor, keeping them loose. Spray with some more hairspray and voila!

Updo donedo

Side View Updo

Rear View Updo

Isn’t that lovely? And all it takes is 10 minutes at night, 10 minutes in the morning and it lasts all day. I never like to admit to people how easy this actually is, I’d rather they OOH! and AHH! over my personal hair prowess. But alas, it’s just too good not to share.

How about you? Are you willing to share the secrets of your most coveted ‘do? Post about it on your own blog and link back here! I know everyone would like to have your hair too (it’s so pretty!), we won’t even tell your friends we know about it.

Is there a style that you’ve seen on a celebrity that you want to recreate but don’t know how? Come on over to Blissfully Domestic Living and we’ll figure it out together.

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  1. 25

    It’s very, very, very pretty.

  2. 26

    I love it, but I have waist-length hair, so I don’t see it working too well for me. πŸ™

  3. 27

    Ok, when I come visit Jennifer this summer, we must have a slumber party and I’ll demand you do this to my hair. #1 It’s cute. #2 I still don’t get how I’m to pin this mass of kinky, coarse, ultra thick hair of mine.

  4. 28

    That sounds great(once my hair gets long enough!)I don’t have any great hair updo style ideas right now,but you should check out my blog anyway.

    Check out my blog for the latest beauty tips and advice-

  5. 29

    That is really beautiful, please have someone take a pic of you doing that first step and then pinning back the tendrils – I would love to try that updo but need more visual information. Thanks!

  6. 30

    Need pics between the last 3 pics & the post roller pic.

    REALLY need pic of first clip, then second, then 3rd, then ….

  7. 31

    Wow… that rocks!

  8. 32
    Marybeth Hamilton says:

    I also don’t get the first “anchor” pinning. Can we get a picture?

  9. 33

    This is so lovely – please do share on how to clip the first section – twist, no twist, etc… Love how simple this looks – I hope it really is! πŸ™‚

  10. 34

    My hair is too long for the updo you demonstrated but I’m excited to find out about the bobby pins for thick hair. I’ve got to try those!!

  11. 35

    This is very cute. I may have to buy myself some curlers after all.

  12. 36



  13. 37

    You’ve just described my wedding hair! I will attest that the ‘do stays up all day (mine went for 16 hours without so much as a stray hair)

    The secret is really using more bobby pins than you think you’ll need. I haven’t tried it using rollers, I always used a curling iron, but your way sounds so much easier.

  14. 38

    I love the hair do and I’m going to try it. I’ve never seen these kind of curlers before. I use the sponge curlers, but they get my hair really curly. So, I’m going to check into this kind.

  15. 39

    Very cute. Alas, my hair is too long for this. (Fingertip length.) Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

    Brandy of The Building Brows

  16. 40


  17. 41

    Need more pics also….

  18. 42

    It’s precious! (I’m down south, I can say stuff like that.)

    Eager to try this, but I’m stumped too.

    Please explain how you pin that first handful of hair!

  19. 43

    love this! please elaborate if you can on how you pinned up the largest peice that is the foundation. I can’t quite picture it.

  20. 44

    So cute – will definitely have to try, although like Tiffany I’m not sure I understand the first pinning, we need more picture steps πŸ™‚ Where did you get said pillow rollers I’ve always wanted to try them?

  21. 45

    That is SO pretty/lovely/cute, especially for summer!

    Love it.

  22. 46

    It does look very nice, but pins will not stay in my hair for even two seconds. πŸ™

  23. 47

    Looks so cute, I’ll have to try. Not sure I understand how you pinned up the large handful.

    Do you twist – french roll style – and pin near the top of your scalp? Or do you smoosh it all up and just pin it to the back of your head?

    Guess I’ll have to play around with it!

  24. 48

    I love this! sadly my hair is too short for it now…
    Cute photos of you too!

    xo ~K

  25. 49

    Love this! I have some bendy rollers I do this with, but never with the updo – very cute! Thanks for the inspiration!!