The “Right” Way to Wear Your Boots Over Your Jeans


Jeans are my go-to pants year-round. On the coldest of days, I love them. On the hottest of days, I love them. Pregnant. Non-pregnant. Jeans are just my favorite pants to wear.

Why, jeans? Simple. They go with anything and everything. I love that I can dress a pair of jeans up and dress them down.

I’m a huge proponent of boots over jeans. It’s a chic look that can be worn anywhere. I love wearing my Uggs over my jeans when I drop the boys off at preschool, when I’m heading to the grocery store, when I’m taking the kids to Kids Gym at our local YMCA and when I’m just hanging out on the weekends. I keep my high heel boots for nights out. Not that I get much time out with my husband alone… but it’s a fabulous look for the colder months when you’re looking to dress-it-up a bit.

BUT! Every time I’m out… I always get the question (by at least 1 person!), “How do you keep your jeans so straight with the boots over them?” No, the M.C. Hammer syndrome does not happen to my jeans. (Thank goodness!)

So how do I do it? Easy. Here are 3 quick/easy tips:

1.) Wear capris/cropped pants with boots. There is much less fabric to “fit” in.

2.) Wear a longer jean that is tapered at the bottom. The skinnier the jeans are at the bottom, the easier it is to tuck.

3.) MY FAVORITE! Use a pair of socks (I use my husband’s) to tuck in the jeans, then fit your leg right into the boot. Literally – it glides right in.

Use these tips and you can rock your boots and jeans with the best of them! How do you keep your boots-over-jeans look sleek?

Photo Credit: NYCArthur on Flickr

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    Great advice! The socks thing…why didn’t I think of that? I remember as a kid doing that with snow boots and rain boots but forgot all about it. You sound like a fun person to sit down and have lunch with.