The Secret to Taking Action Photos

Spring is here and the need to be outside is quickly taking over any desire to stay indoors. While spring provides you ample opportunities to photograph flowers, it also gives you a chance to capture your child or pet in action. Now why the theory of action shots is simple, mastering the skill to capture the perfect shot can be a bit tricky. Luckily I have a few secrets that will have you taking the action shots you’ve only dreamed of!

Controlling Motion

Capture Motion In Action Shots

One of the most difficult things with action photography is trying to get clear and crisp pictures that aren’t blurry and fuzzy. If your child plays sports and you want to ‘capture them in action‘, I would suggest using a faster shutter speed (1/500th at the least) to get clean and clear shots. (Photo Credit: Smashing Hub)

Change Your Angle

Capture a New Angle for Outdoor PhotosLet’s face it, kids move. A lot! They also seem to move and wiggle more when you are trying to capture their beauty on film. So let them move and change your angle. You can always get incredible shots walking behind a child or sitting behind home plate. (Photo Credit: Yelitza Salazar)


Anticipate the Action for Sports ShotsIf your child has been playing a sport for a while, you begin to know when certain things are going to happen. By anticipating the next play or movement, you have a better chance of setting up a great action shot. (Photo Credit: A Little News Photography)

Use Natural Lighting

Make the Most of Natural LightingWhile the action on the field is happening is the distance, the heart of the game is captured through the peaking sunlight. Sometimes the lighting at sporting events is not the best but embrace whatever Mother Nature sends your way. (Photo Credit: Vincent Rush)

Depth of Field

Use Depth of Field for Fun Action Shots

Instead of trying to focus on the moving object, focus on something more stable, like the pitchers shoulder. To blur out the background you need to make you aperture larger. Choose a range from f2.8 or f1.8 to start. Play around with it to see what setting work best for you. (Photo Credit: Depth of Field Photography)

Get a Good Lens

Invest in a New Lens

A good lens is pricey, but worth the investment. Do your research before buying to find what lens will give you the most bang for your buck and will get the most use. Feeling thrifty? Look for a lens in the 70-200mm range. Got deep pockets or a special occasion you want to celebrate?  A 300mm or 400mm is a great option! (Photo Credit: Stop Action Photography)

Have a trick or secret that works for you when taking action photos? Please share! Or have you captured an utterly amazing action shot you just have to share? Please do in the comments or on our Facebook page!

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