Tips for Shooting in Manual Mode

If you have been keeping up with our Shooting in Manual Mode series, you hopefully have a better understanding of Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO. In this final installment, here are three more tips to help you master manual mode.

White Balance Photography Chart

White Balance

White balance has to do with the idea of color temperature. Color temperature is a way of measuring the quality of your light source. Different kinds of light can make the whites in a photo appear to have a colorcast to them. Fluorescent lights make whites appear bluish and Tungsten lights make whites appear yellow. Your camera has settings to help control the white balance of your images.

Use Manual Focus Photography Tips and Tricks


Manual Focus

Shooting in manual mode is not the same thing as shooting in manual focus. Manual mode allows you to control the way your camera reads light while manual focus has to do with the sharpness of the image. If you want to capture moments quicker and get the sharpest image possible, then shooting with auto focus is the best option for sharper images.

Shoot Your Photos in RAW

Shooting in RAW

Shooting in RAW mode instead of JPEG means your photograph holds all of your cameras data in the file. If your exposure or white balance is a little off, shooting in RAW allows you to fix the image in a photo editing program later without ruining the image.

Ultimately, shooting in manual mode helps you master your camera and the pictures you shoot with it. With the tips we have shared in the past few articles and a little practice, you are well on your way to mastering shooting in manual mode.

**Photographs by Lucrecer Braxton**

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