Tips to Help you Plan for Multigenerational Travel

Multigenerational Travel provides memories for years to come

Many people will be planning for multigenerational travel this summer. While traveling with extended family has its perks, it can also produce a few stressors. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you begin to plan your getaway.

Preparing for a Multigenerational Trip

Plan a family meeting and discuss important things like where to go, what to do, who’s watching the kids, physical limitations and the biggie- MONEY. Discuss up front how much it will cost and who is paying for what. Money is a touchy subject and once you’ve had “the talk” everyone should be able to relax and enjoy their vacation.

Plan things Together

Planning any vacation is a lot of work and it shouldn’t fall on one person’s shoulders. While you can designate one person to reserve a vacation home, make flight arrangements or book a cruise, make sure that person isn’t saddled with planning the where, what and when of the vacation as well. Encourage everyone to offer their suggestions and input so it feels more like everyone’s vacation and not just a getaway for the person who planned it.

Multigenerational Travel Tips

Consider Physical Limitations and Health

If you’re traveling with someone with health or mobility issues, you probably don’t want to plan a hiking trip to the mountains. Make sure to include a mix of group activities with alternative suggestions for those that may not be comfortable or able to participate.

If your family is used to traveling and flying through attractions at the speed of lightning, remember that older adults may not be able to keep up that pace. Slow down and savor the moments. The goal of your trip shouldn’t be how much you can see, but more focused on enjoying time with family.

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Consider those who don’t Join you on the Trip

When my husband and I invited my mother-in-law to join us on vacation, the rest of the family had concerns. Rather than field all their calls separately, it would have been better (and less frustrating) to meet the firing squad head-on and get it over with. So plan a family meeting, conference call or time to Skype to address any and all concerns.

Enjoying a Multi-generational Trip

It may be a family trip, but remember, you don’t need to spend every minute together and most likely a break now and then will be good for everyone. Try to plan downtime into your schedule, or choose an all-inclusive resort or cruise for vacation. If one person is tired or needs a break, the others’ can keep going. Plus, an all-inclusive property normally offers a range of activities for all ages and abilities and takes some of the pre-planning out of the equation.

Multigenerational travel tips

Plan to have a Good Time

Things will happen. Your flight may be late, you may get a flat tire, little ones (and big ones) will get tired and someone will get on your nerves. It’s not a big deal. Roll with the punches, keep a smile on your face and remember that you’re making memories that will last a lifetime.

Take a lot of Pictures

We no longer live in the days when it was expensive to buy film and have it developed. The beauty of digital pictures is that you can take a lot of them and capture your favorite memories. And when that vacation is over, you can frame a few photos or add them to a photo book as a gift for those who accompanied you on your trip.

So grab your in-laws, your camera and don’t forget to pack a great attitude!

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