Top Ten Best Irish Bands

great big sea

Great Big Sea

Ah, St. Patrick’s Day. The day when everyone gets to be a wee bit Irish. A day to revel in all that Ireland has to offer. While many will be enjoying the food and libations of my homeland, I would encourage you to feast you ears on some amazing Irish music. So don your green and be sure to check out some of my favorite Irish bands that will have you dancing the jig in no time!

Kat’s Top Ten Favorite Irish Bands

  1. The Dubliners
  2. Dropkick Murphys
  3. The Pogues
  4. Gaelic Storm
  5. Great Big Sea
  6. Flogging Molly
  7. The Chieftains
  8. Saw Doctors
  9. The Oysterband
  10. Enter the Haggis – (my ALL TIME favorite)

Looking for new great Irish rock music? Then be sure to check out Paddy Rock’s podcasts. May you have all the happiness And luck that life can hold- And at the end of your rainbows May you find a pot of gold.

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  1. 3

    I am proud to be an Irish American and all those bands are fantastic! I know I am a month late and I am sure I am stating the obvious when I say your list is improperly titled though.

    1. Great Big Sea is Canadian (Newfoundland to be specific)
    2. Enter the Haggis is also Canadian
    3. Oysterband is British
    4. Dropkick Murphy’s is American
    5. Flogging Molly is also American despite Dave King (Lead) being Dublin born.

    Now that I am done complaining, lol! I recommend these great “Irish” bands for you to also check out. Some are older and more traditional and some are more modern. Personally my favorites are the older “Rebel Rousers”!

    More Traditional Bands:
    1. The Wolfe Tones
    2. Black 47
    3. Celtic Tenors
    4. Celtic Woman
    5. Celtic Thunder
    6. Horslips
    7. Solas
    8. The Clancy Brothers
    9. Clannad
    10. The High Kings

    More Pop/Rock
    1. U2
    2. Thin Lizzy
    3. The Script
    4. Snow Patrol
    5. My Bloody Valentine
    6. Cranberries
    7. Corrs
    8. B*witched
    9. Boyzone
    10. Westlife

    These are not in order of my favorites but I hope you enjoy them all the same. If you would like more just email me.

    Éire go Brách & Go mbeannaí Dia duit

  2. 4

    But what about the cranberries? 🙂

  3. 5

    Yes ma’am! I love that Great Big Sea is one of your favorites. What a great show they put on!