Tween Halloween Costume: Homemade Minnie Mouse

Finding Age-Appropriate Halloween Costumes

Why do Halloween Costumes for teenagers always  look like streetwalkers? My 12-yr-old daughter wants to be Minnie Mouse this year.

She and I hopped online and began searching for costumes. And the first two options we came across were:

Yeah. Neither of those are going to work. The left came from Kohl’s. And while it would be great for a 3-year-old, my nearly teen was NOT impressed. Plus it cost a whopping $49! That’s a bit steep for my budget!

I don’t really have to talk about the one on the right. The title says it all: “Sexy Minnie Mouse Costume.” Crazy. And wrong.

I did come across a possibility from the Disney store online:

Maybe if she wore black leggings this would be okay?? And the price was decent, $25 on sale.
Oh wait. Out Of Stock. No wonder.

What’s a mom to do?

Do It Her Self. That’s What.

  • Sew a skirt from red polka dot fabric, using an easy gathered elastic waist pattern. (Easy Tutorial from Freshly Picked, About $10 depending on supplies)
  • Buy a white T-shirt, and iron on black fabric mouse head and ears. (under $10)

  • Scavenge around for yellow pumps at thrift shops or spray paint black shoes! ($5 spray paint, $2 pumps)

Voilá! An age appropriate Minnie Mouse costume homemade for under $30-40.

Then we are gonna dance to this new Halloween music I found!

Count Crow has created hilarious music that’s upbeat and hip for the whole family to enjoy. Seriously my favorite song is “You won’t Survive.” Imagine altered lyrics to Gloria Gaynor’s “I will Survive” in a count Dracula voice!

Enjoy the clips of the songs on the website:

Shout the Boo
The Ghoulie Hop
Reaper Man

Carissa received no compensation for this post (and bought the music with her own cash). There are no affiliate links.

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  1. 9

    Minnie Mouse goes to work is AWESOME!!
    I love it! Do you have a picture of it all together? I totally want to see it!
    Upload it to the comments if you get a chance… 🙂

    What you didn’t paint your shoes!? How funny!

  2. 10

    I ran into the same issue with the ‘sexy minnie mouse’ pics when researching my costuem for work this year. I’m doing a corporate Minnie Mouse myself this year. I’ve got ears that a coworker brought me back from Disney. A skirt and blouse in red and white polka dots that my toddler always yells Minnie Mouse at when she sees it. White gloves, black tights, beige/yellowish dress shoes. They’re Manolo Blanics so I’m not gonna spray paint them. I’m going to also have a brief case, and a ‘Hello my name is’ type badge.

  3. 11

    Here’s the trial run of the Minnie Mouse Costume! Still working on the yellow shoes (it’s taking several coats of spray paint!) Plus working on a plan for her hair and makeup… stay tuned!

  4. 12

    Thanks for the mention of Count Crow’s Halloween music.
    I think sexy is best for adults and the bedroom, not for kids and Halloween. I was Minnie one year. Found a red velvet dress at a thrift store. Stuck on white dots. Got the ears. It was one of my favorite costumes.
    I also liked being Marge Simpson.
    Can’t wait for Halloween – I’m going to be a hippie this year – some who knew me in college might say that it means that I’m going as myself.

  5. 13
    Avatar SweetChicken says

    I’m sending one kid as Thomas the Tank Engine (pre-bought costume, and he’ll probably only wear the hat anyway), and one kid as yellow yoshi from Mario Brothers. That one I have to make myself. 😀 Hello yellow fleece and white material.

  6. 14

    One year I made alice in wonderland dress for the girly kiddo… she was in heaven! Love that your MIL gets involved!

  7. 15

    My MIL made Kaila’s Annie costume, totally cute!

    Can’t wait to see the pics of your kiddos!

  8. 16

    What are your kids dressing up this year for Halloween as? Will you be making a costume??