Weather Charts for Preschoolers

My girls love to talk about the weather, and this time of year seems to have all kinds of weather to observe. Here are some of the weather charts we have made:

This paper plate weather chart is perfect for even the littlest weather watcher. We used die-cut shapes and a cotton ball for the cloud. An arrow attached to a clothespin marks the weather each day. You could also attach an arrow with a brad in the middle of the chart.


Another fun and easy way to show the daily weather is with a magnet chart. The girls drew pictures for 4 types of weather – sunny, rainy, cloudy, and windy. I scanned them into the computer and added text. I then printed the drawings on magnet paper and gave this a little spot on our fridge. If you don’t want to use magnet paper, you could just glue your child’s drawings on some thin cardboard (or laminate them) and add a piece of strip magnet to the back.


Finally, if you have a bit of room, you could set up a more detailed weather reporting station. I put out a bar graph and a thermometer. The thermometer page is inside a sheet protector and gets colored in with a dry erase marker, so we can use it over and over again. We can use the bar graph to practice counting, comparing numbers, etc.


Happy weather-watching!

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    I just made this craft with my preschooler. She loves it!

  2. 7

    I have the perfect southern facing window in the kitchen just waiting to become a makeshift weather station for my toddler…

  3. 8

    great idea and so easy maybe we will make this for a craft with my playgroup. Thanks!

  4. 9

    This is super-cute! Thanks for sharing, Amy 🙂

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    Avatar Dana @ Letter to Elijah says

    I start homeschooling Eli this fall.. this would be perfect!

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    I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!! (Followed link from Twitter) :0)