What to Put On Your Wedding Gift Registry

What to put on your wedding gift registry

How many of you out there registered for fine china, crystal and silver flatware that has since gone either unused or barely used? Or maybe you registered for a bath towel warmer or a remote control caddy thinking you’d definitely use those things then ended up selling both in your first yard sale.

Here’s your opportunity to educate brides-to-be far and wide! Please consider answering one or all of the following questions:

  1. What did you put on your wedding gift registry that has been the most beneficial, most used item in your household?
  2. What did you put on your wedding gift registry that is either still in it’s original box or is collecting dust somewhere?
  3. What do WISH you had put on your registry that you didn’t?

I’ll go first.

1. I’d have to say our everyday dishware has been the most beneficial since we use it, well, everyday! We got a lot of it, so it has lasted over the years.

2. The china and flatware. We didn’t receive very much of it and we just don’t use it very often. If I could do it differently, I would have registered for a second set of everyday dishware that was a little fancier but less pricey than fine china.

3. I wish I had registered for more non-traditional items like lamps and a garden hose and staple gun.

And brides-to-be, tell us what’s on your registry or feel free to ask for some input regarding items you may be unsure of. How many of what and do people really use tip towels anymore?

What do you think?



  1. 8

    I love our nice ‘every day’ dishes, almost 6 years later. I didn’t register for fine china, just normal.

    I did receive some crystal vases and bowls, that I absolutely love but didn’t register for. I also would have registered for a Kitchenaid Mixer.

  2. 9

    I think my favorite thing we got was a really nice blender. Sounds cliche I know, but we use it every single day. It makes for great smoothies, sauces, and batters.

  3. 10

    You know, that was the one thing I missed by getting married the way I did–no gift registry. My wedding was so last minute (planned in a month) and informal (held in my parents’ living room) and small (just one of my sisters, my parents, my grandparents, the pastor and his wife and the photographer). And because very few of my family members were at the wedding, any gifts we got (mostly cash we put toward the new engine we needed, as our van’s engine had a catastrophic failure on the way to our wedding) were unexpected, wonderful surprises.

    We didn’t need, or even want, much (I’ve been collecting quality kitchenware since college) but if I’d done a gift registry, my wish list would’ve included a dutch oven pot, some additional baking stones, and a Dyson ball model. I can make do without the rest, but I really miss using a Dyson to vacuum.

  4. 11

    I think the fabulous sturdy flatware was the best we chose.

    One I didn’t register for and I got anyway and I am so glad I did is a household tool set just for me. I can’t think of anything we got that we didn’t need.

    I wish I had registered for a label-maker. I want one, but can’t seem to justify the $20. It’s frivolous & weird, so I was bound to get it if I had only thought to register for it!

  5. 12

    Oh, my goodness! I have seen so many registries lately with page after page of junk that I know they will never use! Practical is always better. I registered for china because I knew a lot of the older ladies in my church would want to get it for me, but I picked out a simple Mikasa pattern. We are NOT fancy people. I do enjoy looking at the pretty things in my special little china/crystal cabinet.

  6. 13

    1. LOVE my flatware and knives that we registered for and received. Especially the knives – good quality.

    2. Did not register for china or crystal, and I am so very glad!

    3. I would love to have a Kitchenaid mixer. (But we did register for a tool set and got that – so practical!)

  7. 14

    Let me echo the ‘don’t bother with fancy china, get something slightly above everyday and use it for guests’ sentiment. We have some nice, VIVID red plates and noodle bowls. Got 6 of each, and we use them when guests come around, or when we’re feeling a little fancy. Dishwasher safe, and everything.

    My wife and I are foodies, so we went kinda crazy at Bed Bath and Beyond (which is FAR the most pleasant registry experience out there, avoid Target like the plague). There’s supposed to be a taboo in buying knives for a wedding, but I think that’s crazy… Good knives are great gifts, and will last a lifetime.

    Also, register for some really nice things (Kitchen Aid Mixer, All Clad pot/pan set, etc). Don’t expect to get them, return things and use the ‘registry completion discount’ to get those items… We ended up working the Macy’s system like CRAZY to get a $650 All Clad set for about $150 out of pocket.


  8. 15

    1. What I’ve used most is also my everyday dishes, and they have held up great. (Fiestaware! Still in stores!)

    2. Crystal bowls and vases! Why did I register for these? There are many times I’ve looked at them and wished I had the cash instead!

    3. I wish I’d registered for nicer kitchen tools or had a Pampered Chef shower – many of the cheap-o kitchen tools I got wore out fast and I replaced them out of my own pocket with nicer stuff.