Winter Photography Ideas

Now that the excitement of the holidays is over, many of us are settling in for a long winter’s nap. Cold temperatures, early sunsets and adverse weather conditions make most of us want to bundle up and stay inside until spring arrives. But just because we are in the thick of winter doesn’t mean that you have to stop taking photos and working on your photography! Here are five winter photography ideas to get you through the rest of the season.

Icicles Picture - Winter Photography Inspirations

Icicles and Snowflakes – Embrace the season and photograph two of the more beautiful aspects of winter – icicles and snowflakes! If the sun is shining you can get some amazing photos of icicles (check out more inspiration here) and use the macro setting on your camera to get close ups of snowflakes. Just make sure you bundle up before heading out!

Wildlife in Winter - snowy bird Picture - Winter Photography Inspirations

Winter Wildlife – You may not see as many animals roaming around in the cold winter weather, but the ones that you do see are sure to be beautiful! This is an especially good time to photograph winter birds, their colors really make them stand out against the white snow! Make sure to be on the look out for rabbits, deer and other winter wildlife. Here are some more tips on winter bird photography and winter wildlife photography.

hot cocoa photography - Winter photo shoot inspirations


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Hot Cocoa Session – What’s a good way to get some cute pictures of your little ones this winter season? Have a hot cocoa session! What I like about this idea is that you can do it inside or out and in all areas of the country (what kid do you know is going to turn down cocoa, even in the warmest of states?). Kids get yummy cocoa and marshmallows, mom and dad get cute photos. Everybody wins! Check out more inspiration here.

black and white photography - Winter photo shoot insiprations

Black and White Photos – Winter photos are great to practice or fine tune your black and white conversions. Since most winter photos are grey, plain and don’t have a lot of color to them, they usually make great black and white photos. If you have a lot of snow or sky and a few objects in an image, you can create some stunning high contrast black and white imagery. Check out these black and white photos of Central Park in the winter to spark your creativity in black and white photography.

playing in the snow photos - Winter photo shoot inspiration

Photograph Your Kids in the Snow – next time you bundle the kids up and send them outside to play in the snow, why not follow them out there? If you live in a particularly cold and snowy part of the country your kids probably spend a lot of time playing in the snow; don’t forget to capture those memories! Whether they are building a snow man, having a snowball fight or just exploring, don’t be afraid to bundle up and document all the action. Here are some more tips on photographing your children in the snow.

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    I agree with you 🙂 This was my 1st snow in US as I come from a tropical island called Sri Lanka and I’m loving the view already. It’s great for photography