5 Benefits of Summer Activity Books

Ready to turn off the television, put away the iPhone and iPad, and get back to basics with activity books? Activity books are my go-to resource to minimize my kids’ screen time and to feel confident that they are learning new skills. There is something wonderful about relieving stress, re-charging the brain and sparking inspiration. All you need is an inviting activity book and the benefits are countless! Here are my five reasons why you should break out summer activity books: Boredom buster (without technology) Simple markers, pencils and pens along with activity pages offer hours of entertainment. As a busy parent, there’s something refreshing and guilt-free about bringing out tried-and-true workbooks. Travel friendly These books can be thrown in the backseat, in a … [Read more...]

How to Make a Pumpkin Pinata

There are two ways to make a homemade piñata; you can paper-mache a balloon, or you can use cardboard and tape.  For piñatas that are meant to be round you would more than likely choose the paper-mache version, however if you are looking for a custom shape, then cardboard and tape is the way to go.  In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to make a pumpkin piñata using cardboard and tape. What you will need: Cardboard (not too thick or stiff) Orange and black crepe paper streamers Black card Elmer's school glue Tape Scissors X-ACTO knife Cable tie [sc:adsense ] To make: Step 1: Make sure your cardboard isn't too stiff.  You want kids to be able to break it open, so test out a small area that you don't need first to make sure that it will break. The … [Read more...]