Best of ICFF: TOTO USA makes us Proud

ICFF, New York, New York - This year my  visit to the International Contemporary Furniture Fair was full of new and interesting product highlights. Even more rewarding was my participation with the savvy design group called DesignHounds.  This dynamic group of International designers was given an informative tour of new product highlights at this year's ICFF in New York.    The one manufacturer I need to mention, presenting the most of Beauty and Brains is hands down, TOTO USA bathroom fixtures. The ultimate Bathroom is one that is good for you and good for the planet. I am always impressed with TOTO's technology and quality. From the Kardashians to saving water in Africa, they are very active in conservation discussions both locally and abroad. Sustainability : For those interested … [Read more...]

6 Scent-Sational Things To Do With Lavender Flowers

Even if you aren't lucky enough to have a garden bursting with lavender flowers, you might be able to find it at a local gardening store, or perhaps even the flower section of your favorite grocer. Alternatively, you can likely find lavender bunches at a farmer's market, florist, or organic gift shop. What to do with all of those lovely smelling, purple flowers to hold onto that fragrance for as long as possible? Perhaps make lavender essential oil (technically an extract), as shown in this tutorial by Condo Blues. Use it in natural cleaners, recipes, or bath products from there. Have some organic lavender? Try this mouth-watering lavender and onion side dish. From Veggie Belly. Thrifty moisturizing bath soak recipe...looks divine. Tutorial by Sweetwater Style. Let's not … [Read more...]

Bathroom Decorating Tips (Yes! I said Bathroom.)

Bathrooms are often overlooked rooms in a home when it comes to decorating. Why? Because they are super utilitarian spaces (probably second only to laundry rooms), aren't particularly flexible in the furniture re-arrangement department, and usually don't have a lot of extra room to display items. PLUS there is the whole humidity factor, and then the hygiene issue...well, it all adds up to bathrooms being ignored decor-wise. But it doesn't have to be so. You can infuse a bathroom with personality and style, even within these confines. First, tuck away the toiletries. Hide the toothbrushes and toothpaste, put the hair accessories in a drawer, and leave the lotions and potions for the medicine cabinet. Start with a clean slate! Keep it simple. Unlike most rooms, … [Read more...]