Decorating a Small Bedroom on an even Smaller Budget

You want your bedroom to be a spacious haven but decorating a small space can be difficult. Fear of the unknown coupled with the economy being no help financially can make you want to sell your home and book a hotel room…for life. However, there is good news! I finally grabbed the bull by the horns after years of doubt and proceeded with a leap of faith to turn my bedroom from a room I loathed into a room I can’t wait to step into. Now instead of you having to venture into the unknown with limited money, I would love to share with you my budget friendly guide that is sure to work. Minimize Height In Small Room Design One mistake people make when decorating small rooms is too much height. Height can crowd a small room quickly. Headboards, tall chest-of-drawers, and large vanity mirrors … [Read more...]

Sleeping solutions for three kids sharing a room.

Totally cool, right? It's a bunk bed solution for triplets, or twins + 1, or can do the math on this one. It's from Lea Industries and is a great idea for those of us needing to fit three kids in one bedroom without sacrificing so much floor space. Because I was personally curious about the concept of a triple bunk bed, I did some online searches and came up with several options. And since I do love you fabulous Blissfully Domestic readers, I'm sharing my findings with you! This Urban Triple Loft Setup is a great choice for you if modern-chic is your style. And if you're into the minimalist look, the Flexa Triple Bunk is a great choice. The Mission Merlot Triple has a rich finish and mature look that the older ones would love. For a more rustic look, check out this … [Read more...]