Picture Worthy Moments Just Outside Your Door

You don't need to go on vacation to get great photo captures. Some of the best picture worthy moments are waiting for you right outside your door. Here are some ideas for must-take pictures while you are relaxing on the home front. 1. Nighttime Great pictures don't always have to be taken during the day. With the right setting on your camera you can capture the gorgeousness of the night moon before you say goodnight. (Photo Credit: Angujuana) 2. Chalk Fun You can't deny the whimsical feeling that sidewalk chalk brings. The driveway is your palate with endless possibilities. (Photo Credit: Carrieanne Miranda) 3. Trampoline Action While the trampoline has gotten a bad rap through the years, I love this idea of using it for good. Change your viewing angle and add some balloons to … [Read more...]

Inspiring Sun and Moon Photography

I am always looking for fun and different photo ideas and love the concept of all the creative photography options using the sun and moon as props. The possibilities are endless and Pinterest is chalked full of ideas.  Here are my top ten picks for easy to do and inspiring sun and moon photos. Just Add Water Farmer, farmer, how does your moon grow? Just add a watering can and you can create the illusion of growing a full summer moon. (Photo Credit: Natalie Len) Gottcha Papa, please get the moon for me! Now your children can catch their own little piece of the moon with this easy sibling photo idea. (Photo Credit: ) Sun Warrior Morning sun salutations are even better with a partner. This photo is the perfect blend of color and fun with a dash of peaceful solitude. (Photo Credit: … [Read more...]

Capturing Candid Wedding Moments

With spring and summer approaching it is time to think about weddings. Wedding days are a momentous day that be a blur of excitement and emotions. Every bride has her 'must take' photos for her special day. But don't forget these fun candid ideas to capture all the fun and love of your wedding day! 1. The Bride Find the bride in the last quiet moments of the day for some stunning picture opportunities. (Photo Credit: Bridal Expo Chicago) 2. Father of the Bride While the bride is busy getting ready to walk down the aisle, don't forget the father of the bride. Don't worry about capturing his face. This angle speaks volumes as to what this Dad is feeling and includes his faithful canine companion. (Photo Credit: Art Vision) 3. Finishing Touches Sneak in while the bridesmaids are … [Read more...]

The Secret to Taking Action Photos

Spring is here and the need to be outside is quickly taking over any desire to stay indoors. While spring provides you ample opportunities to photograph flowers, it also gives you a chance to capture your child or pet in action. Now why the theory of action shots is simple, mastering the skill to capture the perfect shot can be a bit tricky. Luckily I have a few secrets that will have you taking the action shots you've only dreamed of! Controlling Motion One of the most difficult things with action photography is trying to get clear and crisp pictures that aren't blurry and fuzzy. If your child plays sports and you want to 'capture them in action', I would suggest using a faster shutter speed (1/500th at the least) to get clean and clear shots. (Photo Credit: Smashing Hub) Change Your … [Read more...]