8 DIY Kitchen Islands For Every Budget and Ability

There never seems to be enough cabinets and countertops in your kitchen, huh? Take a look at your floor space...do you have room to squeeze in an island? Take a look at these eight gorgeous DIY kitchen islands; perhaps one of them will be adorning your kitchen soon! This? Ingenious! Two dressers side to side, painted the same color, and stenciled for added zip! DIY idea by Remodeling Guy. Have an old desk? Need a kitchen island? This tutorial by My Repurposed Life has your solution. Some castors, some glue gun action, some primer and paint. Bazinga! I love this gorgeous piece was created by Killer B. Design...it makes a solid statement and was created on a serious budget. Ready for a real project? This beadboard and stainless island tutorial from DIY network uses stock cabinets … [Read more...]

Building Structures: Fun and Educational Activities for Kids

Need educational activities for kids to stay busy and engaged for long periods of time? Part engineering experiment and part artistic exploration, structure building can be accomplished using everyday items from the kitchen, linen closet and recycling bin. Kids won’t likely be bored while creating unique and interesting structures of all sizes. Building Structures into Geodesic Shapes Geodesic shapes such as cubes and pyramids will result when the building materials are long tubes and squishy connectors. Great combinations for building geodesic shapes are: Dry spaghetti noodles and mini marshmallows, Plasticine or play dough ( kids can roll it into balls) Toothpicks and mini marshmallows, gumdrops or bag of frozen peas Plastic straws and large marshmallows Note: … [Read more...]