Easy Printables: Thank You Card Templates

I love my machines (computers) and I love mail, BUT nothing beats receiving a handwritten letter, note or card. Most of them are easy to store and are great mementos. When I receive cards I like to write the date or just the year (in the case of birthday or Christmas cards). They are really lovely to look back on. Download Thank You Bells On Cards Because I like to design things, it is interesting to see each card with different illustration and typography styles. Download Thanks So Much Cards A cost effective and inexpensive way to show your appreciation to someone is to give them a card. These ‘Thank You’ card downloads give you the opportunity to do just that. These cards feature simple design, festive colors and are easy to make; just print, cut and fold along the middle … [Read more...]

Tried-and-True Thank You Notes

A little note can make such a difference! There are many reasons why thank you notes are so great. The note doesn’t have to be complicated. I know, I know….We are busy. We don’t always have cards on hand. There’s always an excuse. The truth is it only takes about five minutes to write a note. (I actually timed writing one the other day!) Plus, today we can also find modern ways to express gratitude. The most important part of the thank you is to let a person know how much his or her generosity or kindness is appreciated. Let’s make an effort and teach our children why thank you notes are important. Why write a thank you note? Do you still hang on to thoughtful thank you notes? In our hectic lives, when someone takes the time to send you a little gratitude it means so much! And … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Cards Kids Can Make

Once the Christmas decorations leave the store shelves the Valentine's Day cards and decor make their grand appearance {sooner and sooner each year, too}. However, unless you want to take the easy route, the store bought boxed Valentine's Day cards can be cheesy. The fun and quirky ideas that I've gathered for you today are simple enough for your kids to make. Best part? Your kids friends will love them! /1/ PlayDoh Valentine - Every kid loves PlayDoh! {It's never been my favorite activity to sit my kids down to. Ha!} You can find these little bitty containers in the party section or the seasonal section of your store. Cute, right? /2/ "Eyes for You" Valentine - The kids will have fun with this googley eye ring long after Valentine's Day. /3/ Nerdy Straw Valentine - … [Read more...]

11 Valentine’s Crafts for Kids

One of the fun things about having kids is that you get to craft with a new purpose.  Before kids I would make things for myself, or the house, or friends.  Now that we have kids I get to craft for Christmas and Easter and Valentine's Day.  We gather around the kitchen table and create something for a specific holiday or season. The great thing is that its also an education time for us.  We chat about the history of the holiday, why we give thanks/give gifts, etc and what's our favorite thing about to do together.  Do you love crafting with your little ones as well?  Then check out these 11 super cute and extra fun Valentine's crafts for kids! /1/ Valentine's Rockets - These little rockets are super cute and use materials you already have around the house. /2/ Tissue Paper Cupcake - … [Read more...]

8 DIY Handmade Christmas Cards

Christmas is my favorite time of year. Quoting my favorite Lola and Charlie book "It is my favorite and my best." One of the best times about this time of year is the Christmas cards that pour in (okay, maybe they don't pour in, but I really wish they did!) What better way to make a lasting impression on the receiver then to send out hand made Christmas cards this year! Below are links to super simple, yet beautiful Christmas cards that you can make yourself this year. Beautiful Accordion Fold photo card Kid Friendly Christmas Card Boxed Christmas Card Button Christmas Card Thumbprint Christmas Card String Christmas Tree Card Christmas Wreath card Felt Christmas Card I hope these handmade Christmas cards sparked ideas to make your Christmas that much more special this … [Read more...]

Thanks You’re Sweet Free Printable

Need an easy and cute gift? I designed these to fit a sandwich baggie. Fun for teacher gifts or party favors! Click the image below to download and print. For personal use only. … [Read more...]