American Chop Suey

A family favorite--American Chop Suey! My mom used to make it for us about once a week, and we happily gobbled it up. She made it for my kids  when they were younger and it quickly became one of their favorites, too. It's a great comfort food, that's for sure. It's quick, easy, and kids love it! It shows up on school lunch menus around here to this day, and even though I don't make it often (What is wrong with me?  It's super easy!) my girls are so happy when I do. My 13 year old actually clapped and said "yay!" when I told her we were having this the last time I made it. It's not easy to get happy reactions out of a 13 year old girl, by the way. I made extra noodles for the boys to have the way they like it (with butter and parmesan). This couldn't be any easier, … [Read more...]