How to Use Bold Colour & Pattern Like a Pro

Life would be pretty "blah" without colour in it. It's a way to express our individuality, our creativity, and to make our homes interesting as well as beautiful.  Even if your style is minimalistic and modern, there is always room for colour and pattern somewhere. Where to start? Where to find inspiration? A great way to introduce some colour into your space can be with artwork. Art is very personal, so what you select really says something about you and your style.  Do you like modern, abstract, still life, traditional, landscapes, watercolours, or photography? Some people like a bit of everything and a mix is always a good thing. Whatever your style, art "speaks to us" and if we love it, we buy it and take it home.  I usually know within about 10 seconds if it is the piece for me, an … [Read more...]

8 Tips for Decorating with Pops of Turquoise

Turquoise. Aqua. Cyan. Teal. Mint. Whatever you call it, whatever the is a gorgeous, rich color that is very happy-making.  It reminds me of Caribbean water, Southwestern jewels, New England cottages, vintage dresses, and the brightest spot on a peacock feather. Incorporating it into a room's decor is sure to bring a fresh touch of whimsy and serenity. Need some inspiration as to how to use turquoise in your home? Happily, I've found some amazing rooms that use turquoise perfectly. From a little bit on a pillow to a fully saturated pallet, there is certainly something for everyone. 1.) . Semi-precious stone chandelier by MarjorieSkouras as seen in Marjorie De Groot Design. 2.) Turquoise walls and island by HGTV Design Home. 3.) Turquoise and red bedroom by Coastal … [Read more...]

Decorating a Cottage in Pink and Green

Decorating rooms and homes in pink and green is so popular that it's fun to look at this color combination in a specific setting.  Pink and green are the perfect color choices for decorating a cottage. Adding floral throw pillows to seating on the front porch welcomes visitors and introduces the cottage theme.  Inside, more floral motifs in a variety of pinks and green are showcased in window treatments, upholstery, and even an area rug.  Light streaming in from the window and fresh cut flowers celebrate the spring and summer seasons. Using bark cloth and vintage linens in floral patterns of pink and green in the kitchen lends cohesiveness to the color scheme.  Choosing one type of flower, for example roses, adds to the charm and quaintness of cottage decor. Choosing only one floral … [Read more...]