26 Mother’s Day Gifts For The Crafty Mom

Is your mother crafty? Are you crafty? No, I not asking if your mother is sly and sneaky (let's hope not because obviously) but crafty in the form of loving yarn, paper, fabric, buttons, scissors, glue and thread! If you or any of the important women in your world enjoy the aforementioned items, we're in your corner! Here are 26 ways to brighten Mother's Day with gifts she'll be able to use in all of her crafty endeavors (of the fiber, glitter, markers and ribbon variety, of course) throughout the year. Snag her one of the big items or group together some of the smaller ones and you'll be giving her a spectacular gift full of sparkly handmade goodness! /1/ Handcrafted Monkey Knitting Needles /2/ Yarn-tainer Storage Jar /3/ Handmade Row Counter /4/ Cable Needles, 3-pack with … [Read more...]

Simple Spring Wreath {a tutorial}

April showers have brought about the inspiration for some Spring flowers...in wreath form. All of the supplies needed for this wreath were purchased at my nearby Hobby Lobby. {I'm sure you can find the supplies at any local arts and crafts store. Don't forget to use your 40% off coupons to save some cash!} Best part, this wreath was complete from start to finish in less than one hour! Ready to get started? Gather your supplies. You'll need a straw wreath form {leave the plastic wrap on, it's less messy that way.}, one roll of burlap ribbon, one roll of pink chevron tulle ribbon, one roll of green chevron tulle ribbon, five burlap rose flower picks, a pair of scissors and a few straight pins {no hot glue. YAY!}. Begin by wrapping your wreath form with the burlap ribbon. Secure … [Read more...]