Super Fun, Old-Fashioned Games for Modern Kids

Remember when a friendly game of Kickball was all you needed to stay entertained for hours?  Or, how about stepping out on the front porch to swing the Hula Hoop around your hips?  Old-fashioned games are still so much fun...when we turn our video games off and put our smart phones away long enough to enjoy them.  Let's get outside and show our kids how WE used to play!! {photo credit} Pull out the sidewalk chalk, draw a Hopscotch Board, grab a rock and get to hopping! {photo credit} You don't have to have burlap potato sacks to enjoy a classic backyard Sack Race. Step into a pillowcase {as a substitution}, line up against your competitors and JUMP to the finish line! {photo credit} What you lack in coordination you can make up while having a good time with a Hula Hoop. … [Read more...]